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English News will know some of the words
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English News Headlines are always looking for a limited number of words used to express the content of news, for, in the wording on the particular efforts, choice of words to convey his ideas as economically as possible, short and clear, so the title of English news preference or selection of those dapper letters at least the verb. This is because the short and easy to understand language and vivid image of the news not only can enhance the simplicity and readability, but also save pages in length. If that "destruction" or "damaged" is a verb meaning, the title generally do not damage, but compared with some brief words, such as hit, harm, hurt, ruin or wreck and so on. Another example is that "giving up" the concept of the verb, the title generally do not abandon, but with the drop, give up, quit, skip, or yield, etc., that "explosion" like the verb meaning, generally do not explode, but with the blast, crash, ram, or smash the words. In short, most like to use English News Headlines chevron short, but meaningful and relatively few syllables a wide range of words. Common of these verbs in the title, readers may wish to pay more attention usually read this for English language skills, particularly familiar with the synonymous verbs in English is undoubtedly helpful. To facilitate a better understanding of English news headlines, is often reported in the newspapers and then list the title of a small number of words for a rainy day: aid = assist (help, assistance) alter = change or modify (change) ask = inquire (ask) assail = denounce (condemned) axe = dismiss reduce (dismissal, reduction) balk = impede (obstruct) ban = prohibit or forbid (disabled) bar = prevent (to prevent, deter) bare = expose or reveal (exposed, exposed) blast = explode (explosive) begin = commence (start) bid = attempt (to) bilk = cheat (cheat) bolt = desert or abandon (give up) boost = increase (increase, improve) check = examine (check)
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