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Interpreter informal discussion (6) letter and amount to
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? ? ? Do a thing to have a requirement, the hope achieves what kind of standard. The interpreter is not exceptional also. Is so what kind of translation good translation? With what kind of standard should we serve as the target of effort?
? ? ? Published 4 scholars such as Zhang Peiji to compile 1980 " Chinese-English translates a tutorial " . The author is in " the interpreter's standard " write in the section: "We advocate an interpreter standard is wraparound for ' faithful, clear and coherent ' 4 words. " " alleged and faithful, point to the content that faithful Yu Yuan makes above all. " " faithful still point to the style that maintains original work. " " alleged and clear and coherent, point to translation language namely must clear and coherent understand easily, up to specification. Up to specification..
? ? ? Published 5 scholars such as Lv Ruichang to compile 1983 " Chinese-English translates a tutorial " . About translating standard treatise, with the first book it is consistent. Write in the book: "We might as well with ' letter, suitable ' two words will generalize us the standard that Chinese-English translates today. Alleged ' letter ' it is to point to faithful at textual content, include thought, feeling, style to wait, convey textual and complete and accurate ground in translation namely, do not add as far as possible to textual content do not decrease. Alleged ' suitable ' , it is to point to with the word correct and decent, style or manner of writing is fluent and clear and coherent, accord with English to be used to; to avoid to die literally interpret, apply mechanically, make the English chrestomathy that does not know Chinese also can be understood. Make the English chrestomathy that does not know Chinese also can be understood..
? ? ? These two books are to suffer Ministry of Education to entrust written college general teaching material, tell Ying Yihan originally, tell Han Yiying originally, come more than 20 years, use extensively in our country college all the time.
? ? ? I basically agree with these two books the formulation about translating a standard, but I disapprove of a style to be put in faithful inside will talk. We need not put forward because of Yan Fu " letter, amount to, elegant " , talk about interpreter standard to must talk about a style. Because the style is a more complex issue. Translate textual style completely come over, this is afraid is unlikely, but also not be to say the style cannot break up completely. Translator can do his best only. The style of translation besides include one part and textual style, still include other factor necessarily. And the work that translates different type, the requirement to the style is endless also and identical. Ying Yihan still compares easy to handle, han Yiying held harder.
? ? ? I taught oneself an exam to write a teaching material for countrywide higher education in 99 years, the problem is " English-Chinese interpreter tutorial " . About translating a standard, such I writing: "For the person that to us begin to learn translates, I want to be able to put forward two requirements: (one) faithful; (2) clear and coherent. ' faithful ' basically be to point to content... want do one's best the meaning of the person that accurate the earth's surface amounts to original work. ' clear and coherent ' those who point to is a language. If textual it is clear and coherent understand easily, so translation also should be accomplished as far as possible understand clear and coherently, easily. " I think, accomplish truly afore-mentioned two, not easy also. The style is in interpreter process cannot evasive problem, but can spread out slowly discuss, and need not write in interpreter standard.
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