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Interpreter informal discussion (4) the glamour of the language
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? ? ? The language is a magical thing, apply proper, can produce powerful force, translator namely have the aid of is planted at this force, new innovation goes touching work. Can say, the control of translator antonym character is the precondition that does good translation.
? ? ? Yan Fu uses the ancient prose of his that grace to introduce the thought of Darwinism to China namely, touched large quantities of one a man of insight, include to become face emperor, drive reform of their political reform. Of his interpreter " the weather plays theory " , although was not used up " letter " all " amount to " , " elegant " the incisively and vividly that the word behaves however.
? ? ? Although Lin Shu does not know a foreign language, it is however under others help, with him that elegant classical Chinese article introduces work of literature of 184 kinds of foreign countries China. " a series of books of Lin Yi fiction " the Qian Zhongshu that ever made 912 years old " the interest that increases Chinese of study foreign country " . Tens of after year, qian Zhongshu of big science home " now and then turn over novel of a Lin Yi " , discovery " it has not lost appeal unexpectedly " .
? ? ? Professor Zhou Xiliang emphasizes studying a language very much. He has written an article, the title is " interpreter 3 theory " , publish in " interpreter communication " 1982 the 6th period. He is in " interpreter and language " a middle finger goes out, the person that the interpreter does first wants hotspot Chinese grammar, notice phenomenon of a few languages, this conduces to cast off manacle textually. He says: "A person antonym character that does an interpreter disinclination, translating a level can't well rise. Translating a level can't well rise..
? ? ? In recent years, the person that studies an interpreter became much rise, all sorts of publication are much also rise, the introduction translates experience of method of skill of academic, interpreter, interpreter, interpreter, attracting the eyeball of the person that interpret road gets on first. Since these publication are the achievement of research, can give a person in order to edify. But to a translator, the most important is not be proficient in how many kinds of interpreter is academic, master skill of how many interpreter, raise oneself language level ceaselessly however. What decide translation quality discretion finally is the ability of translator use language. One has the translator of experience, the likelihood does not say to give theory of how many interpreter and skill, what he leans is him the attainment in language respect, what he can tell you is how to learn a language.
? ? ? Chan Jichang wrote " Chinese-English translates skill " , ask preface of Yang Xian beneficial. Mr Yang points out after the research technique that affirmed an author, the mistake appears in wanting to avoid to translate the job, "Still basically should read a few good flower beauty more literary work, understand the underlying law of this kind of foreign language character stage by stage. " receive go down, he still introduced his study experience, "After I mastered basic grammar... arrived on me when high school, I left off syntactic book completely, go reading literary work extensively only. Go reading literary work extensively only..
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