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Interpreter informal discussion (5) had you done a language to contrast?
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? ? ? Recollect us to learn the experience of Chinese and English, can discover those who will learn to we are isolated. When learning Chinese, the teacher was not necessary to never also encourage us to be done with English quite. When learning English, the teacher is to persuade us to be not compared with Chinese more, lest suffers the influence of Chinese and learn bad English. If let us say Chinese and English have the point with same what and different point, we perhaps can feel spellbound, because we never are opposite,these two kinds of languages try to compare.
? ? ? Interpreter bound has a formulation: Translate theory and practice. Somebody writes a book, it is a title with this. Some school begin school, it is curricular name with this. This formulation entered a country to teach the course catalog that division system decides even. As if the entire content that this formulation generalized interpreter domain.
Actually, between interpreter theory and practice, still have an administrative levels, that is language contrast. So-called language is comparative, study English-Chinese namely the similarities and differences of two kinds of languages, see the characteristic with English and respective Chinese thereby. Under photograph comparing, respective characteristic was clear about.
? ? ? 20 centuries metaphase, mr Wang Li is in " Chinese grammar is academic " the 6th chapter " the grammar of Europeanize " in spent very large space to undertake the language contrasts, point out respective characteristic, discuss the English influence to Chinese. After 80 time, the person that is engaged in this respect research became much rise, published monograph, still established special orgnaization.
? ? ? My individual undertakes the language contrasts, be from contrasting textual research " Mao Xuan " translation begins. After I was studying many interpret exemple, reached the understanding of a certain number of regularity, divide a title, write into " Chinese-English translates 500 " , published 1980.
? ? ? For example, a lot of interpret exemples make clear: "In sentence of a Chinese or in a few sentences that be linked together, often some of word or phrase repeat appear. " " English and Chinese are contrary, be to avoid reduplicative usually. " " Chinese repeats, english does not repeat, this is a of two kinds of languages obvious different point. " had this bit of understanding, when Han Yiying multi-purpose era says, when Ying Yihan multi-purpose solid say, need not constrained at textual.
? ? ? Language contrast basically is to notice sentential structure, each composition in perhaps saying to notice to translate a process are in a medium change. Because of,translation is met sometimes too mechanical and not suitable, because indulge textual structure,be, and the structure that did not consider translation is due what change. Good translation good, because,be sentence inside each composition is put in the position that should put, accord with interpret to enter the habit of language style or manner of writing. The United States translates egghead Nai to amount to had said:
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