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The concept of simultaneous interpretation
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Oral interpretation is by working way cent successive (Consecutive Interpreting, make be passed alternately again interpret, progressively pass interpret) with simultaneous interpretation (Simultaneous Interpreting) . Because simultaneous interpretation undertakes an interpreter with spokesman synchronism, need not take up conference time and got the welcome of conference organizer, after the World War II, popularity is organized at a lot of international. What alleged simultaneous interpretation points to is to use a kind of language (interpret is entered language) additionally one kind of language (primitive) conveys thought content, with almost as same as primitive spokesman rate, viva voce form conveys the means of a kind of interpreter that come out. In recent years, a lot of places of world call this kind of interpreter " the conference passes interpret " (Conference Interpreting) . Below most circumstance, simultaneous interpretation is finished through conference equipment. Dragoman sits in tailor-made oral interpretation box, receive the speaking content that listens to a spokesman through earphone, immediately passes microphone to communicate the speaking content of primitive spokesman to the audience of congress with interpret person language, audience uses earphone to choose the language channel of a need, accept translation service.

With pass interpret photograph to compare alternately, simultaneous interpretation has the following advantage: (1) is in simultaneous interpretation, speech and interpreter undertake at the same time, do not take up conference time; (Simultaneous interpretation can use 2) electronic equipment, undertake an interpreter at the same time to a variety of languages inside same time. (3) is in large international conference, dragoman can get speech manuscript beforehand sometimes, prepare early, raise the interpreter's accuracy rate. Accordingly, now the conference on international, 90% it is to use the means of simultaneous interpretation to undertake.

Simultaneous interpretation can divide again for the following kinds of circumstances: (1) convention passes together: In the interpreter, dragoman does not have a manuscript, * ear listens, the heart thinks, oral interpretation will inside same time finish simultaneous interpretation to work. (2) inspects interpret: Dragoman takes the written speech draft of speaking person, the speech that listens to speaking person at the same time, see draft at the same time, at the same time oral interpretation. (3) whisper passes interpret: Do not need to use pass equipment together. Dragoman listens at the same time the speech of speaking person, attend the meeting to undertake passing interpret on behalf of side side at the same time. (4) passes with sound read: Dragoman takes written translation, the spokesman listens to read aloud draft by the side of, bian Xuan reads translation. Pass with sound read need to notice a spokesman to increase in process of read out paper reach reductive content, sometimes spokesman also may abrupt be completed undertakes making a speech.
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