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Interpreter informal discussion (2) interpreter most facilitating self-study
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? ? ? In each course, I feel to translate most facilitating self-study. A little young comrade always hopes to be consulted to a person of academic or artistic distinction face to face, or listen to them to make a speech, or chat with them, if can meet alone better. But such opportunity is very god-given, and not likely is the most effective study method.
? ? ? Learn to a person of academic or artistic distinction actually, can accomplish at any time. That does not ask the face is awarded namely, go teaching oneself however, go studying the translation of a person of academic or artistic distinction. Can collect below in order to 3 kinds of methods.
? ? ? The first kind of method: Him? of Jia of alkyne Huan hurry first according to textual interpreter, the translation photograph of the translation that takes oneself next and a person of academic or artistic distinction is compared, can see oneself weakness and problem from inside difference, next specific aim ground overcomes his defect, raise interpreter ability, calm meeting receives better effect.
? ? ? The 2nd kind of method: Jia of ostrich of dusk of  of  of = of copy of core earnestly Jia mu clear core? gets instructive from which.
? ? ? Professor of week 煕 fine is me special an esteeming translator, he is engaged in literary interpreter not only, and like to discuss translation problem, publish a view. A few years ago, I am taken textual to looking accordingly, what Hua Sui writes the British writer Gao Erci of his interpret " the home that blessing Er surpasses " . Above all of greet is a paragraph of such words.
? ? ? Those Privileged To Be Present At A Family Festival Of The Forsytes Have Seen That Charming And Instructive Sight, An Upper Middle-class Family In Full Plumage.
Translation is:
? ? ? Come up against blessing Er to surpass the home to have festival thing, those are qualified the flourishing atmosphere that the person that goes attending ever had seen other people of the superstratum in that clique, not only looked happy, also grow experience.
TextualCharming And InstructiveIt is attributive, andSightTie-in, dan Yicheng Chinese, if think reservation,such collocation is very difficult. Translation puts textual attribute from the back place to go manages, the language was arranged. Of course, put from the back, not be attributive certainly.
? ? ? The 3rd kind of method: The translation that? of  of graceful new moon of  of brilliant of  of fat of kneecap of ┳ of travel of S of copy of Jia of bursa of  of core bank brilliant appeared to differ, and it is very good translation. For example " red Lou Meng " , published two translation in recent years, a madam that is the Yang Xian beneficial that home publishs and him wears the translation that is alternate, name
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