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The working program of simultaneous interpretation
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The working program of simultaneous interpretation may express simply to be:

Namely primitive spokesman is in auditoria rostrum (or assembly room) make a speech to microphone, pass dragoman to sit in tailor-made oral interpretation box to be received through earphone together listen to primitive information, use purpose language at the same time accurate communicate primitive information, communicate information through microphone go out. Audience receives interpreter content through earphone. In afore-mentioned simultaneous interpretation programs, the following quality that just face simultaneous interpretation can bring an influence: (1) spokesman: The person that information is given out. Accent of speed of its speech content, speech, verbal logic, speech right simultaneous interpretation member bring an influence to the understanding of primitive, affect whole interpreter quality then; (2) passes dragoman together: Passing dragoman together is the key that translates success or failure. Pass dragoman to want to accomplish in the job together " of one mind is multi-purpose " , listen, want, write down, interpret should be finished inside same time almost. Because this passes interpret to work to provide challenge sex extremely together; (3) passes equipment together: The interpreter that passes dragoman together should pass equipment ability to be accepted for audience place as a result. In passing an activity together, dragoman should be familiar with the operation of equipment. Encounter much language translation to want to use especially " relay is translated " (when Relay Interpreting) , should master the operation of equipment adroitly more. Show up with before passing dragoman to want to working commonly 30 minutes detect equipment. In check out procedure, once discover,the problem should look for concerned technical personnel to solve instantly. In oral interpretation process, from beginning to end should equipment technology personnel is on duty, in order to solve lash-up problem.

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