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Pass dragoman accomplishment requirement together
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Simultaneous interpretation job is considered as the summit summit that oral interpretation works all along. Because this is right the accomplishment demand of dragoman is very high. Will tell commonly, pass dragoman to merit crosses specialized vocational training and have the following quality together:

(The bilingual capability with strong 1) and oral expression ability: Passing dragoman together should be to belong to a language sensitive model person. Antonym character (foreign language and mother tongue) catch ability ambitious. Should be interested to newly emerging things and remember the expression of neologism of a few news in time. In working, passing dragoman together can consider without time, accordingly, at ordinary times the language is accumulated crucial to bringing up a successful dragoman. Besides wanting to have strong bilingual capability, pass dragoman to have stronger oral expression capability even together. For can the person that follow closely makes a speech, the speaking speed that passes dragoman together is in commonly 250 words / or so minutes, and the language of general spokesman fast control for 150 words. Accordingly, pass dragoman together must " clever tooth benefit ages " , want those who accomplish the orderly, character of character to have content at the same time. Spit word clarity, language dialect is fluent, agile.

(2) masters 100 divisions knowledge: Jean Herbert of famous oral interpretation expert ever had said, do a good dragoman to want "know Everything Of Something And Something Of Everything. Do a good dragoman to want "know Everything Of Something And Something Of Everything.. Pi ⒄ of  of ㄈ of  of  of Hui of Chan of regretful of Jie of Bi of a surname of where of Yun of  of  of  of model of  of lie of  of over sixty years of age of Bei of reef of laborious of brandish of Shuo of Mu Mei of Yun of  of  of  of those of Qu of  of  of M of  of ox of ú of qualitative high and steep of  of ox of ú of fine and soft of  of money of Qu of ê Mei bursa?

(The psychological quality with good 3) : First when the dragoman classics regular meeting of experience interpret altar feels to translate " the heart feels nervous, mouth hair is close " , familiar at ordinary times content is met likely also interpret must be in a complete mess. This basically is caused. Pass dragoman to want to have good psychological quality together. Want to be able to be accomplished " place is random not Jing, mood is stable " . Pass dragoman to want to stronger sentiment controls ability together, the for love or money should keep calm. If the mood is not stable, with respect to meeting occurrence stage fright (Stage Fright) phenomenon, the influence understands, the influence translates quality, dragoman can appear even " cerebrum is blank " phenomenon. Want to maintain good psychological quality, basically be at ordinary times make, the foundation is hit solid, self-confident heart nature had, had self-confident heart, mentation also was adjusted easily.
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