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Pass interpret essentials alternately
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? ? ? Hand in pass, it is dragoman tells in speaking person, a meaning group, rectify one paragraph even piece hind the interpreter means that interpret gives target language. What the press conference that holds during two meetings uses is to hand in pass. And pass together rise quite, handing in the dragoman when passing meet directly with auditor, the attention that gets consequently is more, psychological pressure is opposite also bigger; In the meantime, because dragoman has proper time to be opposite source language (sentence, meaning group, paragraph or piece) necessary adjustment is made to the structure in the process that integral content undertakes understanding and organizing translation, the interpreter quality that normally everybody anticipates also can be compared tall. In view of this at 2 o'clock, hand in the difficulty that pass opposite bigger, at the same time it also can mirror the level that gives an interpreter more.

No matter be in any circumstances, if sex of formal negotiation, ceremony is interviewed, press conference, look around, visit, fete, opening ceremony or phone chat in, should have done hand in pass cannot leave the following job:

1. Practice in great quantities.

Conditional, can adopt the means of twosome, one person acts as teller, another person holds the position of an interpreter. One individual exercise can use the method that inspects interpret, when seeing a newspaper read, make it of will certain paragraph takes notes, subsequently oral interpretation comes out.

2. Effective note system.

The record of associated word should get attention particularly, when be being translated in order to ensure, use a line to be able to remove one a string of beads repeatedly.

3. The education of psychological quality.

Be being recited aloud is a kind of good method. Return the viewpoint that can practice publishing oneself on small-sized conference, colleague communication. If can be passed,appearance in a few formaller matches, show in order to enhance confidence, forging courage, be good plan more.

4. Every time serious preparation of the activity.

Want caliber of dot, news briefing to the talk, visit the technical diction that will involve to wait to want to fill minute of ground control as far as possible, so that translate Shi Chengzhu to be in bosom, do a job with skill and ease.

Of different situation hand in pass main watch to handle means zephyr case to hold the difference that go up now.

Formal negotiation, press conference and opening ceremony is gravity, grave activity, the interpreter answers footing is bright, composed accurate, language fast moderate.

Ceremony sex is interviewed do not involve materiality issue commonly, connect a circumstance in order to greet to give priority to with each other normally, the interpreter should deliver friendly information well, safeguard the harmonious atmosphere that both sides of guest and host builds jointly.

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