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Gu Ge checks manpower to translate a service to be helpful for popularizing its
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Tecent science and technologyDispatchBeijingTime on August 5 message, according to foreign media coverage, google(Gu Ge) Lun Sen of · of riverside of benefit of humble of director of department of business of Blogscoped rich customer (Philipp Lenssen) confirmed recently, this company already rolled out a manpowerInterpreterService. Although should serve to still be in test phase at present, but analytic personage thinks, after Google rolls out this service formally, the user amount that is helpful for raising Google Checkout to pay platform.

Lun Sen says, name of this manpower translation service calls Google " Google translates a center " , be opposite only at present specific the person that check is open, but predict before long hind will enlarge test range. Google manpower interpreter serves operating flow roughly is: Interpreter client refers the material that needs an interpreter to Google to translate a center above all, this center gives major to translate personnel relevant data; After interpreter personnel finishs the job, translate central pass on to give an interpreter the client by Google again.

It is reported, google interpreter center can carry on the whole world the interpreter task of material of 40 kinds of main languages. Still cannot be sure whether Google can be held the position of at present bagman pays between client and translator, but if Google is done so, this company affirmation can recommend its Google Checkout to pay platform to interpreter client. Besides, google still can offer online memory and administrative tool for client and translator, with going to the lavatory they undertake orderly management to translating material.

Analytic personage still thinks, in view of Google online encyclopedia was rolled out to serve Knol before this, probably Google will invite major to translate personnel to translate corresponding vocabulary entry into other language, make Knol user measures twice growth thereby. And this kind of means also accords with Google " the more the better " content develops the strategy. (Compile / in billows)

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