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Windows Live interpreter will be compositive to Office
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According to information of customer of rich of Microsoft MSR-MT group, Windows LiveInterpreterThe function is about to pass upgrade automatically, compositive toOfficeHandle official bussinessSoftware.

MSR-MT rich guest expresses " the conformity that we turn over us already formally translates tool code to Microsoft Office group, after finishing the function from face of one's own side to check when them, this function will handle official bussiness newlier automatically to Office software. This upgrades need not install measure additionally, when installation is usable this rich guest can undertake demonstrative again "

To the user of Office 2007, now but the introduction that this rich guest gets on according to undertakes the hand is moved upgrade, do not cross the user to Office 2003, need when next week just detailed installation tutorial is given off. Additional, although the user of Office 2007 now but the hand moves installation Windows Live to translate a function, but measure is too multifarious. So, the Office that suggests you await Microsoft upgrades automatically.

The function of interpret of language each other that Windows Live supports at present is as follows:

   English ↔Chinese (simplified)

English↔Chinese (traditional)







English↔Han Yu

English↔Portuguese (Brazil)


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