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IT technology aids force corpus construction to lead mechanical industry interpr
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Professional to the foreign language finish school before long, just enter some famous and heavy-dutyMechanicalEnterprise academy is engaged inInterpreterOf the jobThe gentleman will tell, mechanicalIndustryterminology interpreter is most the problem that lets him headache, to having foreign literature onlyLearnHe of setting, often feel ability not equal to one's ambition to the interpreter of professional term.

This enterprise academy is engaged in translating what management wraps outside the jobPoplarGentleman, also mirror to the reporter: The characteristic of mechanical industry oneself makes accurate to the essence of the terminology interpreter appears particularly important. The interpreter task that go out is wrapped outside, often forbid because of mechanical terminology interpreter truly, or it is skimble-scamble, often do poorly done work over again, immediate impactTechnologyThe plan of the line on changed efficiency, product reachs the cycle that come out.

It is reported, many mechanical industry businesses are being relied onITOneself of technical work up bilingualCorpus, with will solve afore-mentioned traditional difficult problem. (bilingual corpus, namelyTrue in be used actually of the language has appeared bilingual language material, can be bilingual contrasting word, word, sentence, paragraph) , and
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