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Contemporary Hebraic predicament
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In the daily communication of people, HebraicOriginal delicate meaning is lost apparently, the vocabulary also decreased relatively " new York Times " columnist

Those had favour to look around to be in in Jerusalem Israel museum " the niche of holy book " reveal " coil with Saiyagu " (The Great Isaiah Scroll) -- save best, the most complete " the Dead Sea is ancient roll " document -- the Israeli is almost so excited that the Israeli shed next tears. This special exhibition is the 40 first time that come for years.

This is having 2100 of the history ancient coil account wears place of a humanness is hep but however the prophecy that heretofore fails to come true: "They hit the knife into colter surely, hit spear gun into hook; This country does not lift a knife to atttack that country, they also no longerLearnWar. " this declare publicly is worn the Israeli mood that the prophecy of lasting peace can make be in bethel personally really is boiling. But it is besides this, serving as an Everyman to be able to favour is read is partial ground at least understand this one ancient Hebraic document, also be a stirring thing really.

Be in " coil with Saiyagu " into the book after two centuries, the history of Jewish people becomes to be forced to leave one's native land from now on the history with dispersed world each district, and Hebraic in next 1700 old also encountered discontinuous destiny.

Hebraic " renascent " often be regarded as a great outstanding achievement. Nowadays, hebraic the first language that already was millions of Israelis. Jewish people element with conversable and lettered and famed, israel is average and allegedly annual publish 5500 books.

   ContemporaryHebraic too popularization

But diffusing in this the country of ego suspicion and insecurity, even if feat of a linguistics, also can bring concern for people. From contemporary Hebraic since reviving quickly in 19 centuries end, many people fear their common language already began to move toward be on the wane: Contemporary Hebraic too popularization, already made the rich connotation that a lot of Israelis cannot understand text of Xi Bailai tradition.

"People has sense of a kind of anxiety really. " wide welcome Israel language expert Luweike Luosendaer (Ruvik Rosenthal) say, he ever compose the Hebraic slang dictionary that ascends sheet of best seller a list of names posted up originally.

The influence of denizen simply be all-pervasive. The city vogue personage of Israel likes to be in Hebraic in be mingled with is worn a few argumentativeEnglishVocabulary, for instance " Please " , " Sorry " and " Whatever " wait. In the daily communication of people, delicate meaning loses Hebraic former some apparently, the vocabulary also decreased relatively.

The Israeli is actually very be infatuated with a language. "The mistake always appears when we are talking. " say of Luo Sen tower Mr Er, "Everybody is not exceptional, and everybody is in the mistake that corrects others. And everybody is in the mistake that corrects others..
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