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Buccal dragoman: Chasm of spruce cheek of fade of summary hoarse Xun solemn Fa
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Report integratedly according to dispatches from foreign news agency:

Reporter Karolos Grohmann

The road appears Beijing on August 12 report---Bill Weber had participated in 13 summers and winter continuouslyThe Olympic Games. However, he is not to take part in the match player, to take part in the match the player offers information himOral interpretation.

Weber leader writes to have 112Interpretergroup, they come from 18 countries, can use includeEnglish, language of Arabic, Portuguese, Korea inside the message that 10 kinds of languages announce the player wins or fails.

The official of each delegacy is informed what to language can get an interpreter, they can choose at least one kind among them to publish a speech.

Weber says, to be being translated at these for, the Olympic Games resembles is a marathon, it is the interpreter grand meeting with the longest duration on the world, exceed U.N. or European Union any conferences. Although the match has 16 days only, but be in early the match begins between media pays close attention to already closely.

"End when the Olympic Games ends, we should stay in this 5 weeks, " when Zhou Er of this tonal and downy 68 years old of old people accepts Reuter reporter to interview, express, "This is the longest grand meeting absolutely. "This is the longest grand meeting absolutely..

Weber isThe United StatesPerson, can tell a variety of languages, his familial pedigree but trace reachs Belgium and Germany. He once had done the interpreter of U.N. , group member is he chooses with one's own hands come up, it is the interpreter of U.N. attestation more very among them, they can hold the position of oral interpretation in hundreds press conference, content arrives from sports medical treatment all-embracing.

"If feel the Olympic Games is sports activity merely, the interpreter rises not laborious, that is off base, " Weber says.

Intensify training before the match when Olympic Games player when, interpreters also should cost number hour to undertake audition trains everyday, raise their control to waiting for term to biochemical sterol from fencing ability.

Weber says, because the case grow in quantity of a shot in the arm is used in the Olympic Games, the interpreter's task is heavier.

"We mustLearnThe term of respect of medicine, technology, " he says, "They must ready-made. "They must ready-made..

If appear,break out incident, interpreters still must bear the growl of sports official now and then.

This week, an interpreter attended a press conference that is as long as 70 minutes, this news briefing takes incident of a shot in the arm about Spanish athlete.

This interpreter is forced to translate those who be as long as 7 minutes to answer question with splitting speed at that time, and this is the one fraction that they are faced with a challenge nevertheless just.
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