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Shaanxi is saved assist literature translates professional committee to hold wat
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ChinaShaanxi net dispatch: Shaanxi writer obtains award of essay of heart of award of award of cogongrass aegis literature, Lu Xun literature, ice to wait for domestic literature large award frequently, but foreign literature large award however hard look forward to and, obtaining Nobel literature award is extremely difficult more, among them the biggest restricting an element is workInterpreterDo not follow to go up. Yesterday, shaanxi is saved assist established literature to translate professional committee, devote oneself to to constituent designedly lets Shaanxi author writing move toward the world, this plan is made by Shaanxi assist with interpret assist it is certainly " Shaanxi literature translates a plan external " (English abbreviation SLOT plans) , SLOT plans to also be started formally yesterday.

   Literature is saved greatly " in outside interpret " serious lag

In Shaanxi the province is made assist with Shaanxi the province translates domestic association joint efforts to fall, shaanxi saves writer association literature to translate professional committee to hold water yesterday. The purpose that establishs this committee translates force in what at conformity I save, constituent designedly pushs the fine literature work of Shaanxi to the world. This plan is named to be " Shaanxi literature translates a plan external " (ShannxiLiteratureOverseasTranslation plans) .

Well-known, shaanxi is literary big province, have Chen Zhong solid, Gu Ping is sunken wait for well-known writer, unbeknown is Shaanxi also be interpreter big province, and also have a batch of actual strength such as safety, Zhang Chengzhu, Tang Mingquan to translate the home. According to not complete count, the foreign literature composing that I save interpreter home 30 years to publish is close 300. However long-term since, as a result of a variety of reasons, shaanxi is contemporary outstanding work of the writer is translated into other character to perhaps be published in abroad rarely, be in " in outside interpret " respect, especially the respect outside the interpret in literary work develops serious lag, this is be obvious to all.

The province makes assist Lei Tao of secretary of leading Party group says: "We must admit, the foreign writer work that we read is very much, but our in the work outside interpret is very few, the interpreter that is not us is no good, also not be us work is bad, lack the confidence that moves toward the world and determination however, our literary need and world literature conform, culture does not have national boundaries, the spirit of the worldThe lifeWhat also need Chinese advanced literature is alimentary. " province interpret assist chairman safety says: "What our interpreter comes in is much, those who go out is little, the expert is little, what very old rate causes literature of China and foreign countries to communicate is not quits.

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