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English-Chinese oral interpretation listens differentiate the education of savvy
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English-Chinese oral interpretation listens differentiate the education of savvy

Li Fu sound

(English of institute of the 2nd foreign language fastens Beijing Beijing 100024)

Summary: The article is opposite above all listen mother tongue and listened to a foreign language to undertake comparative, should try to be in and daily intercourse did brief analysis to the diverse demand of audition. The article basically discussed a few characteristics that in the audition in process of English-Chinese oral interpretation differentiate understands mode, reach a few opinion that put forward an author to how fostering this kind of ability, namely: Catch keyword language, attention canto mark, have the aid of is redundant phenomenon.

Keyword: Meaning logic forecasts depth of structure of surface layer of understanding audition differentiate

Primitive is comprehended to be not easy thing when the interpreter, english-Chinese oral interpretation especially such. Understanding English primitive is the first pace of process of whole and English-Chinese oral interpretation, also be crucial and difficult one situation. This one pace starts motor as opening a car, if oral interpretation works,this medium motor is out of order, dragoman will can not move a step.

Understanding primitive also is the most essential distinction between Ying Yihan and Han Yiying oral interpretation. In job of actual oral interpretation, ying Yihan and Han Yiying are two-way and alternant normally undertake. No matter be international seminar,

Or news is interviewed, ask dragoman has the skill of two-way interpreter. But grooming when dragoman or skill of analytic oral interpretation, english-Chinese oral interpretation and Chinese-English oral interpretation should undertake however apart, because with respect to thinking means character is both between those who have essence is different.

When Han Yiying, we do not have the difficulty of audition respect, the language that because Chinese is us,reviews naturally in long-term life and intercourse, we listen to mother tongue often is natural, involuntary. When Chinese-English oral interpretation, besides professional very strong speech, say commonly,

Nonexistent to mother tongue understand not problem. Although speak sometimes poll mood is not clear, or used dialectal jargon, make dragoman cannot make clear immediately the point of speaking person or indicate, but at this moment his main job key, namely attention, not reasonable however solution, and in active conception,

Preparation conveys place to listen to content with English glibly. But Ying Yihan's circumstance differred completely. Right now dragoman must listen absorbedly primitive, understand speaking content hard. For this student that learns English to be in Chinese environment, it is from beginning to end extremely scabrous problem. Even if is the person with those English deeper attainment, work in oral interpretation so tight situation, also cannot treat sth lightly. The article is opposite only the audition in English-Chinese oral interpretation differentiate ability does one brief analysis, put forward a few views to how raising this one ability.
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