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Shallow the subjective activity of the translator in talking about an interprete
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Shallow the subjective activity of the translator in talking about an interpreter

Guan Lina

(Advanced schools foreign language is the normal school that amount to a county, sichuan Dazhou 635000)

[Summary] the triangle between article of the source in be being translated through analysing, translator and final reader, explain translator has dependency, passivity already in the interpreter, but have subjective activity again, and the bounds that how will hold subjective activity.

[Keyword] subjective activity of; of dependency of interpreter standard;

[The graph classifies date in] H315. 9
[Document label is piled up] A
[Article number] 1008 - 4886(2004) 03 - 0095 - 03

The domain learns in the interpreter in, all sorts of interpreter genre and interpreter standard appear in succession. Interpreter genre has Zun Haer (of Even - Zohar) multivariate systematic theory (luck of Polysystem Theory) , graph (the depict interpret of Toury) learns (Descriptivetranslation Studies) , order about school (Manipulation School/ Group) , Telaweifu -- , Lu. Translate mark criterion to have Yan Fu " letter, amount to, elegant " , of Lin Yutang " faithful, clear and coherent, beautiful " ,

Xu Yuan is strong " faithful, clear and coherent, rhetorical " or " letter, amount to, actor " , nai amounts to " quits " , of Qian Zhongshu " change " , ba Erhu amounts to Luo Fu " equivalence " etc. When translator faces so various theory and standard, need chooses somewhat and accept or reject, make become the optimal standard that suits oneself.

Translate be a kind of language to change an activity, it is the activity that changes another kind of language from a kind of language, to understand this process more intuitionisticly, we are its fractionize source article, translator, reader, 3 person the concern between indicates as follows with the graph:

Can see from inside the graph translator comes over source language translation, deliver translation to final reader again, make the reader understands source article finally through reading translation. This is the chain that an information transmits, the reader makes to the understanding of source article this chain joins finally together. How to let information to the greastest extent in information transmission process not the place that prediction of a person's luck in a given year became the key that judges a translation to whether succeed, and the different level that formed an interpreter to the different side key that accepts or reject in information content. Translator is the main bridge that information transmits, from theoretic tell, his job should deliver 100 percent information content namely, be just like the 3 principles that Taiteledi gives:

First General Rule:ATranslation Should Give A Complete Transcription Of The Ideas Of The Original.

Second General Rule: The Style And Manner Of Writing In Atranslation Should Be Of The Same Character With That Of The Original.

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