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The interpreter is chosen the standard of the word
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The interpreter is chosen the standard of the word

Wu Yun

(Hefei industry university is humanitarian economics courtyard, anhui Hefei 230009)

Summary: Anthology the word is apt can affect translation directly whether the spirit of clear report original work and style. If choose a word proper and OK make the language is conveyed already figure, specific, have taller generality, humor, humorous watch theres is no lack of again in the meantime justice the effect. The article is emphasized discussed an interpreter to be chosen 3 of the word main standards -- accurate, concise, vivid, point out choose a word to cannot be satisfied at quits word is being found in target language merely, the particular use situation that wants mature place to choose a term however and the collocation that are the same as other term.

Keyword: Concise; of accurate; of; of standard of the; that choose a word is vivid in the graph classifies date: H315. 9  
Document label is piled up: A 
Article number: 100823634 (2004) 0220127204

Criteria For Word Choice In Translat Ion

WU Yun

(School Of Humanities And Economics, hefei University Of Technology, hefei, 230009, china)

Abstract:USing The App Rop Riatewo Rds In Version Is Clo Sely Related To Smoo Th Exp Ression Of O Riginal Gistand Style. App Rop Riate Wo Rds Can Also Con T Ribu Te To Vividness, concreteness And Generalizat Ion Of Language Exp Ression, no Lack Of Humo R And W It In It. Th Is Art Icle Discu Sses Th Ree M Ajo R Criteria, F Idelity,

Conciseness, and Gracefu Lness Of Wo Rd Cho Ice In T Ran Slat Ion. It Does No T M Ean Ju St F Inding Equ Ivalen T Sof O Riginal Wo Rds In Target Language, bu T Tak Ing In To Fu Ll Con Siderat Ion The Con Tex T Of The Wo Rds U Sedand The Co Llocat Ion Betw Een These And O Ther Wo Rds, etc.

Key Words: Cho Ice Of Wo Rds; Criteria; F Idelity; Conciseness; Vividness

Any languages are formed by the vocabulary, the vocabulary is the smallest language unit. In English-Chinese interpreter activity, the vocabulary also removed inestimable action. Successful interpret is made must be a foundation with choosing a word correctly. The difference that as a result of English-Chinese the culture setting of two kinds of languages, place belongs to method of word of phylum, compose and expressive means and one word is much justice phenomenal existence, brought about two kinds of languages to choose the difference of the word when conveying same idea. Accordingly, convey for exact ground textual, appropriate statement must choose in target language. Choose a word to must abide by particular standard demand, in view of this, the article plans to ask to be discussed further to concerned standard.

About choosing the standard of the word, all through the ages is sent each each opinions vary, but accurate (F Idelity) , concise (Conciseness) , vivid (Gracefu Lness) 3 o'clock is accepted. Of course some term asks with whether accord with standard, cannot go up isolatedly from the meaning of term itself have sth in mind, see its even particular use situation and the collocation that are the same as other term.
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