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Advertisement English translates explore beauty
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Advertisement English translates explore beauty

Deng Yinghua

(Hunan economy manages the phylum outside cadre institute, hunan Changsha 410004)

Summary: ⒂ of Quan Qiao Shan carves  of  Yun grave denounces? to be mixed to ensure advertisement language is artistic the emersion of advertisement discourse style, translator must understand the content of advertisement product and advertisement discourse and its art form lucidly, abide by English-Chinese the characteristic of two kinds of different languages and expressive habit, through faithful come to the beauty of phonic musical sound with textual emersion, figure beauty, contracted beauty wait for language art beauty with accurate interpreter. The article is right enumerated a lot of example undertake contrasting analytic, demonstrate aesthetic view to translate practice according to what issue advertisement English.

Keyword: Qiao? translates; aesthetic

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Advertisement applies a language as a kind, it is the communication agency that current society uses extensively. To make advertisement has special appeal, reader attention can be caused in the instant, stimulate its to buy a desire, facilitate finally buy behavior, a lot of advertisement are become via many deliberate, with the word beautiful and original, syntax washs practice and connotation is abounded, have strong artistic appeal and language art beauty. Outstanding advertisement, have very high commerce value not only, have certain language to study value and aesthetic value at the same time. Be deepened quickly and expand what economic commerce interacts external as our country, foreign advertising swarms into the made main source that becomes our country enterprise and consumer to get goods economy information in great quantities. The interpreter of advertisement English involves the market to learn, advertisement learns, client psychology, aesthetic and cross culture intercourse to learn to wait for much division knowledge, the article basically is discussed from aesthetic angle.

Fu Zhong choosing thinks: Translator of? of Xiao of artful Zhu Le of amine  Long) through aesthetic intermediary (the aesthetic consciousness of translator) will aesthetic object (textual) changeover is another aesthetic object (translation) a kind of aesthetic activity. " [29) of ~ of 1] (P28 and the content that the standard that translates the United States asks translator trustily emersion is textual namely reachs his aesthetic character, requirement translation is had with textual the content that be equal and aesthetic character. As a result of each nations, the history of each countries develops each not identical, formed the aesthetic psychology that differs severally and aesthetic standard consequently.

In translating a process, translator can is opposite commonly textual undertake aesthetic treatment is handled, let interpret stationery as far as possible equipment and textual equivalent aesthetic effect.
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