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The person in Han Shiying interpret but interpret sex
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The person in Han Shiying interpret but interpret sex

Jiang Tianping is like Yun Hua

(Institute of foreign language of Na Hua university, institute of foreign language of university of Zhongshan of 421001; of Hunan Heng Yang, guangdong Guangzhou 510275)

Summary: Raw meat or fish of shaddock of river spade  arranges badger of dizzy serve of helmet of strong tip of allow of helmet of tip of a list of things of fruit spelling  bursa post shows correct Jin sip of stop up of hydrazine of 2 Huan tip holds haze of pain or numbness caused by cold of Long of ⒁ of  He  Gu Shun spells  to sail the chloric discharge that arrange a mother-in-law holds cape merchant serve? thereby. But, indicate from person pronoun, in light of a few different respects such as judgement of author intent, meaning, of pronoun of Chinese poetry person conceal what do not form an interpreter to go up " person is judged " difficult problem, also not be certainly " day person syncretic " reflect. The changeover of pronoun of the person in process of Han Shiying interpret between different culture is feasible not only, also be necessary.

Keyword: ; of pronoun of person of? of river spade  can pursue in syncretic of person of day of interpret sex; classified date: H315. Label of 9 document is piled up: AArticle number: 100125019 (2004) 0320141205

One, foreword

To the interpreter of Chinese poetry, but the person that interpret is talked and cannot the person that interpret is talked holds one aspect of the matter each. Among them, the interpreter of Chinese poetry person is one of argumentative focuses. Its reason is, english poetry highlights person pronoun commonly, and Chinese poetry often omits person pronoun.

When reading Chinese poetry, "The reader must fill get on all indicate is short of that what the subject that break creates themselves catenary, " [1] (P185) and read English poetry to do not have this necessary. Because translator is a reader above all, the meeting when different reader reads Chinese poetry has different understanding to sentential person and creation indicates differently catenary, interpreter the current situation will surely bring about deviation. Be based on this kind of deviation, cannot the person that interpret is talked puts forward, chinese poetry is translated into English poetry, "Nobody weigh pronoun " to " someone says pronoun " change, can destroy source language poetry " day person syncretic " state, make source language poetry medium " without indicate " in can turning purpose language into poetry " point to somewhat " . Be aimed at this problem, the article tries to indicate from person pronoun, of the person in the poetry of different angle argumentation Chinese such as the judgement of the action of day person syncretic, meaning but interpret sex.

2, cannot interpret talking

Raymon Dawson place makes up " The Legacy Of China " one book is mentioned, when western reader reads Chinese poem, who does the subject of the verb in often knowing a poem point to after all. Because building, Qiu You is ascended in poetry of Chinese ancient time, spring complain, the main body that enmity depict often does not give yield results in work to move. Accordingly, there is such as in reading Chinese poetry when western reader " alone Mo Ping column " when depict, can think: Is thundercloud correct teach troubled by? of Yong spade prize I? You? She? Because the person have no way of Chinese poetry is judged, formed a difficult problem that translates a respect thereby. [2] (P103)
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