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Interpreter of travel data Chinese-English is shallow talk
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Interpreter of travel data Chinese-English is shallow talk

Li Feng

(Beijing combines department of culture of travel of foreign language of university travel institute, beijing 100101)

[Author brief introduction] Li Feng (1958 - ) , female, peking Man, culture of travel of foreign language of institute of travel of Beijing the United Nations General Assembly fastens instructor.

[Summary] Chinese and English difference is self-evident. Chinese travel data is done not have in the beginning of compose, the problem that also need not want to be translated into English after the consideration. Be different from literary work in view of the interpreter of travel data, document data the interpreter that wait, english should understand above all before start writing the purpose that the writing mode; of relevant data should translate clearly next, introduce in finite length introversion tourist namely specific, the service object that practical information; makes clear translation even finally -- , lie fallow in order to go vacationing be a purpose, very little to what China knows or the common tourist of utterly ignorant. Only such, ability presents textual main content with the form of reader love to see and hear at the reader before.

[Keyword] travel data; translates a method [in the graph classifies date] F590[document label is piled up] A[article number] our country of 1002 - 5006(2004) 03 - 0089 - 04's long history, bright culture is attracting more and more foreigners to travel to China with its distinctive glamour. Let a foreigner understand Chinese culture more as far as possible inside limited time, besides the tourist guide member introduce, we also cannot ignore the action of relevant travel data. The sort of travel data is very much, documentary of graph of an album of paintings of books, conduct propaganda, tourist guide, telecine and postcard wait, the content that it involves is multifarious, all-embracing. The travel data that current reality is English edition mostly interpret from Chinese, and there is the problem such as principle of a few such ases, method in translating a process. What article key discusses is: Hun enmity  bilges  is rotten? of charm of the  that grasp Nao in order to introduce Chinese travel resource (city of travel tourist attraction, travel and travel activity) urban guidebook and the Han Yiying problem that publicize material external.

One, the interpreter of tourist attraction name

The interpreter of tourist attraction name looks be like simple, but want interpret good interpret to allow, still need translator to have thorough knowledge to its. General practice no more than is interpret of with special care of transliteration, transliteration and free translation. Tourist attraction name is to adopt transliteration or free translation, want to inspect a circumstance and be decided, cannot treat as the same. For example, the temple of tourist attraction cold hill with famous Suzhou, cannot interpret becomes Cold Hill Temple, because its are to take the name from Seng Hanshan of poem of one ancient time, reason can be like its interpret again into Hanshan Temple; only: Clumsy politics garden (Garden Of HumbleAdministrator) is Ming Jiajing year Wang Xianchen is in a drive history after abdication return to one's native place the villa that place of relics of Yuan Dahong temple builds, use advance Dai Panyue " stay at home idle is endowed with " in " clumsy person for politics also " it is garden name one sentence. If use the method of transliteration, not only this among them history character, literary quotation will not know for reader place, the refined taste of its garden name and pleasance also have no way was experienced.
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