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Advertising style characteristic reachs its interpreter
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Advertising style characteristic reachs its interpreter

Zheng Gongyan

(English of institute of filial piety feeling is, hubei filial piety feels 432000)

Summary: Berth of Sui of Bi of ⒑ sweat Qiao tries Yang Huang to make an appointment with target to a shallow lake overgrown with wild plants artful glow is short of Dong breed You hey Pu is miscellaneous hold? of Tian of Bi Mi move accordingly, when translating advertisement, should differ according to specific advertising characteristic, use quick interpret way, interpret is become accord with purpose language reader the advertisement of aesthetic habit and aesthetic need, in order to promote the sale of the product.

Keyword: The graph in interpreter of; of characteristic of Qiao? style classifies date: H315. Label of document of 9   is piled up: AArticle number: 1671 - 2544(2004) 02 - 0059 - 04

As the bitter fleabane of our country economy suddenly develops and of foreign trade increasingly flourishing, interpreter of Chinese and English advertising appears more and more important. Advertisement interpreter is mixed with dimensions of product credit, sale not only economic benefits be closely bound up, and the culture quality that gives a country and nation in the report on certain level [the article drafts 1] (P26) to begin from advertising style characteristic, if why realize the equivalent on the foundation of functional reciprocity in advertisement interpreter,discuss from the angle of culture.

One, wording and phrasing is concise and elegant

Generally speaking, the sentence of English advertisement word is briefer, be particular about is agile and strong, a large number of use elliptical sentence, imperative sentence and broken fold sentence, abstain from with the length with complex structure sentence, spoken language of style or manner of writing is changed strong. English advertisement has common and colloquial colour more with the word, and the term contains active meaning more, compose of style or manner of writing many word of section of use Chan Yin (Monosyllables) and synthetic word, [2] (P41) is like Have, see, buy, come, get, make,

Give, keep, great, rich, f Resh, new, crisp, top - Quality, economy - Size, brand - New, home - Made, f Resh- Tasting, first - Class, record - Breaking. Besides, word of a few innovation, fabricate a word (Coinages) and foreign word (Foreign Loans) is very common also, be like Sunkissed, eggsactly, timex, kleenex, playtex, kash, karry. Additional,

The product that publicizes to make a reader right has a good impression,

Adjective and adverbial comparative dergee, the superlative degree often also appears in advertisement discourse, be like Best, better, milder, hottest, plushest,

Softest. These terms are known easily simply, fancy and marked, formed the main body of advertisement language.

Chinese advertisement customarily criterion lay particular stress on is used " 4 words case " word group,

Include idiom and blame idiom, will achieve chastening language (the purpose of Refined Language) . Additionally Chinese advertisement often chooses top class term to regard his language as material. In fact, advertisement of contemporary Chinese language already had is him appropriative almost system of top class vocabulary. This system besides include to express directly " the first " , " extremely to " of the meaning " most " , " more " , " exceed " , " big " , " new " , " alone " , " complete " , " " , " bully " , still have implicit " the first " with " acme " the other term of the meaning by a large number of incorporate into one's own forces, like character wind of preeminent, head model, expert of outstanding and uncommon, matchless, air conditioning, carry authoritative, sale champion, elaborate classic, get together to be recommended elite of heaven and earth, exclusively, banner tide, overflow is enjoyed, all show tasteful etc. These rich vocabulary material,
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