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About the classical conversation of weather
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A: It Looks Like It ' S Going To Be Sunny.
Look today resembling is a sunshine.

B: Yes, it ' S Much Better Than Yesterday.
Yes, than yesterday a lot of.

A: They Say We ' Re Going To Get Some Rain Later.
Want to rain after a while allegedly.

B: Oh, let ' S Just Hope It Stays[maintains some kind of condition] Warm.
Oh, I hope to go down warm up all the time only.


A: I Think It ' S Going To Be A Nice Day.
I think today can be a fine day.

B: It ' S Certainly A Big Improvement Over Yesterday.
Have greatly than yesterday for certain improve.

A: But It ' S Supposed To Get Cloudy And Windy Again This Afternoon.
But, should turn again this afternoon allegedly shade blew.

B: Well, the Worst Of The Winter Should Be Over.
Nevertheless, a paragraph of the worst in the winter time always should go.


A: It Seems To Be Clearing Up.
Look the day wants to clear.

B: It ' S Such A Nice Change.
True joyful change.

A: I Really Don ' T Think This Weather Will Last.
I think such fine day does not grow really.

B: Let ' S Just Hope It Doesn ' T Get Cold Again.
I wish again won't cold.


A: Beautiful Day, isn ' T It?
Weather is really good today, ?

B: Yes, it ' S Not Like What The Radio Said At All.
Yes, resemble what say in the radio not at all in that way.

A: I Wish It Would Stay This Way For The Weekend.
I wish whole can maintain such good weather on the weekend.

B: As Long As It Doesn ' T Snow!

Should not snow to go only

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