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New Year is blessed language
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A Beautiful Wish To You And Your Family---Live A Happy Life And Everything Goes Well.

A Happy New Year To You.

Congratulate New Year.

Allow Me To Congratulate You On The Arrival Of The New Year And To Extend To You All My Best Wishes For Your Perfect Health And Lasting Prosperity.

Happy New Year, wish healthy, enterprise develops.

At Such A Wonderful Moment, I Send You A Gentle And Warm Care And Wish: May Every Day Be Brilliant For You!

Best Wishes For The Holidays And Happiness Throughout The New Year.

Happy New Year, good luck.

Good Health, good Luck And Much Happiness Throughout The Year.

Respectful Zhu Jiankang, lucky, happy New Year.

Good Luck And Great Success In The Coming New Year.

Wish the coming year is lucky, obtain greater success.

I Give You Endless Brand-new Good Wishes. Please Accept Them As A New

Remembrance Of Our Lasting Friendship.

Give us endless new blessing, let them become the new commemoration day of our eternity friendship.

May Everything Beautiful And Best Be Condensed Into This Card. I Sincerely

Wish You Happiness, cheerfulness And Success.

Wish all the best blessings can block expression with this Zhang He, wish you are happy, happy, successful sincerely!

May Fortune Smile Upon You And Favor You With Many Blessings (blessing) !

May The Coming New Year Bring You Joy, love And Peace.

Wish New Year brings joy for you, friendly affection and halcyon.

May The Joy And Happiness Around You Today And Always.

Wish happy happiness always accompanies your left and right sides.

May The Season's Joy Fill You All The Year Round.

Wish happy companion of the festival your lifetime.

May You Come Into A Good Fortune!

Good Luck, good Health, good Cheer. I Wish You A Happy New Year.

Wish lucky, healthy, happy companion you spend a happy New Year.

On The Occasion Of The New Year, may My Wife And I Extend To You And Yours

Our Warmest Greetings, wishing You A Happy New Year, your Career Greater

Success And Your Family Happiness.

In this New Year during, I pay festal greeting to you and your family with the madam, wish you Happy New Year, career has, the family is happy.

Please Accept My Season's Greetings.

Accept the congratulation of my festival please.

Please Accept My Sincere Wishes For The New Year. I Hope You Will Continue

To Enjoy Good Health.

Accept my cordial New Year to bless please, suitable wish healthy.

Please Accept Our Wishes For You And Yours For A Happy New Year.

Accept us to reach the good blessing of your family to you please, wish your Happy New Year.

Rich Blessing For Health And Abundant Happiness (happiness is much) In My Wish For You In The Coming Year!
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