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Exercise spoken English has skill
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Learn a kind of language, communication is a purpose, is not language itself. If learned a few years, in the end is dummy English, how does that convey that thought, be afraid communication also can give a problem. When having, we often treat English as merely one door knowledge is learning, acquire as a child big, to finally, english knowledge was had however many, but say not to come out. This is meant when learning English at ordinary times, colloquial exercise is very important.

? ? ? Moreover, the communication of the language and mastering many vocabulary, sentence pattern, grammar is two different matters. With respect to the knowledge of language itself, we already were passed closed. What we lack is will apply English in communication, what in communicating only, we just can undertake thinking password with the other side is mutual broken interpret. The means that same word communicates the place in the environment to convey in different language is different. ? ? Introduced 6 kinds of skill that practice spoken English here:

? ? ? The first, how to limit the skill of a thing simply with English. American and American chat 80 % are to think what telling the other side this thing is. Our textbook although lexical difficulty is deepened ceaselessly, but thinking logic construction stays on a level only however. Does the Chinese often say Where Is The Book (where is this book) ? Does very few someone say What Is A Book (what is the book) ? And American pupil begins to ask: What Is The Book? This kind of Where Is The Book is the descriptive phase of thinking only. But do I want to connect an undergraduate to answer What Is A Book very hard also? Because China is traditional,English education mode gives birth to the skill that conveys a thought without ecclesiology.

? ? The 2nd, if had learned to limit, but understanding still has deviation, that is about to train How To Explain Things In Different Ways (explain same thing with different kind) . The other side of a kind of expression does not understand, american can search another kind of expression to make the other side finally clear. Because of the thing, but the language symbol that conveys it may a lot of. This is about to be done more replace an exercise. Traditional teaching method also is done replace an exercise, but this kind is replaced is not to be replaced really, be language level only replace, is not thinking level replace. For instance, I Love You (I love you) . Press our education replace a method to change You into Her, my Mother, this kind is replaced and pupil experienced trace in black ink over characters printed in red is distinguished without what. This kind is replaced did not form a challenge to intelligence, did not start thinking. This kind of basic structure that replaces a sentence did not change, I understand I Love You not, also understand I Love Her for certain not. If replace,be I Want To Kiss You, I Want To Hug You, I Will Show My Heart To You, perhaps tell the film to the other side " Taitannike " , telling the other side that is love, come so the other side may understand. This ability makes be replaced truly. The means expression that differs with a kind that is to say is same a meaning, or it is not clear that an expression the other side listens, lift an example that understands easily simply to convey, understand till the other side.
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