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Menu of Chinese meal house translates skill
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4 happy event of “ ” of a round mass of food is translated into “ ” of 4 glad meatball ” , large meatball of “ braise in soy sauce is burned into “ by interpret ” of bean curd of mother-in-law of hemp of red large meatball ” , “ is become by interpret the bean curd ” that the woman of “ hemp face does... of home a lot of, but be troubled by gave international jest. Be about to hold the Olympic Games in China next year, can more foreign tourists come from afar, to moment, face the guests that before sitting in table, order dishes, how to go explaining the delicate cate that is clear about us?

? ? ? (one) local dish can use phoneticize directly:

? ? ? In the Chinese meal house of the United States and Europe, the method with the directest English of Chinese menu interpreter is “ transliteration ” . The Chinese name that transliterate even if tastes dish uses phoneticize to draw up, this kind of method is concise and direct also have characteristic very much. For instance bean curd, although can interpret becomes ” of “ soja cheese, but more it is to use one word of “TOFU” can, american orders dishes to had said “TOFU” correctly, still know it is healthful. Still have nod like the eat such as ”(WONTON) of Yun Tun of NOODLES)“ of   of DAN of   of ”(DAN of “ Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, name with phoneticize directly, those who contain my somebody of a kind of “ not to have ” is proud. Anyway the food that abroad does not have photograph correspondence, so the name that uses us is good.

? ? ? This kind of method, in the meal in other country also common occurance: ?SUSHI) of lean close to of felt joint of bones, japanese clear wine (SAKE) , korea pickle (KIMCHI) is to use transliteration directly, this has obtained extensive adoption in the west. And the “ champagne ” of the France that domestic place says now, “ pizza ” of Italy is former juice raw ingredient is transliterated and come, still who does not know those are what things nowadays.

? ? ? (2) free translation has 3 to pay attention to greatly:

Need not say, this is most the interpret law that wants kongfu. Is free translation law told carefully will also divide 3 kinds of: ?

? ? ? Expect in order to use the interpreter that give priority to -- basically introduce dish advocate makings and burden, had written the phyletic name of among them chicken, beef or seafood first, wait for the name of burden plus green vegetables, nutlet, resemble Xianggu mushroom (BLACK   MASHROOM) , Xian Sun (BAMBOO   SHOOT) is the material with commonly used Chinese meal, foreigner majority won't be spoffish, can illuminate eat not by accident. ?
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