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English is over form fill a vacancy 4 footwork
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? ? ? "Be over form fill a vacancy " the ability that the problem aims to check a student to apply English integratedly, do this problem to must connect a consideration, master carelessness, apply place integratedly to learn vocabulary, grammar and common sense to undertake judging inference. Solution inscribes this kind main from the following 4 paces make:

? ? ? The first pace takes first seriously, hold piece. Be over form fill a vacancy does not have caption commonly, first general not blank, it is a complete, full text information begins from now on. Fine read first, can judge an article stylistic, forecast full text carelessness and gist.

? ? ? Full text of speedread of the 2nd pace, master carelessness. Speedread full text wants get sth done without any letup, although have blank space, new word or not obvious place, still want fast speedread to go down. When reading, should notice to find out word of keyword, center, lay off is certain the word that represents character and clue, form train of thought in order to facilitate. Want to notice to not be on the foundation that did not master carelessness, the edge is read, the edge does a problem, such speed slow, accuracy rate is low.

? ? ? The 3rd pace overcautious and indecisive, agile answering question. "Overcautious and indecisive " , read the sentence of a compose a poem to a given tune of ci first namely, review on one, below give attention to two or morethings one. If in two blank are waited for fill, want when the answer is decided first " work along both lines " , try at the same time in two place fill, next read through is complete sentence, decide the answer. Answering question method: 1) preferred law: Fill according to the edge is being read by the side of article and structure, if can decide immediately of optimal answer, need not go again answer of the others of textual research of one by one. 2) eliminate a law: If the answer decides hard temporarily, can press blank space position, from syntactic structure, term condition of tie-in, context words, habit uses the law, respect such as acceptation differentiate and analyse, to option item-by-item the analysis tries fill. Eliminate to disturb, decide right answer thereby.

? ? ? Full text of check of the 4th pace, adjust the answer. the essay read through that has filled, undertake checking watchful at the same time the following at 3 o'clock:

? ? ? ? 1. The consistency of context: Of instant condition voice consistent; The accord of pronoun, noun, single complex number.

? ? ? ? 2. Match from grammar and usage of be used to and habit, even language feeling proceed with, look to whether accord with the logic of context.

? ? ? ? 3. Paragraph with paragraph, sentence with sentence between join coherent.

? ? ? This check is crucial, often can correct 9 place to be in a mistake more even. Be opposite at the same time the answer that decides extremely hard, also want to allow to guess by language feeling, can not choose anything but.
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