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Attend the ceremony of fete
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? ? ? Receive a banquet to invite on invitation (no matter be invitation or invitation letter) , whether attend should reply as early as possible the other side, so that host is arranged. Generally speaking, have R to noting. S. V. P. (Reply please) of model of written characters, no matter attend, all answer to reply quickly. Note have " Regrets Only " (cannot attend please answer) of model of written characters, the ability when cannot be being attended replies, but also should reply in time. Via the invitation that oral reappearance agreement appropriate comes to, note then commonly above have " To Remind " (forget fully) model of written characters, rise only remind action, but need not reply. Answer the other side, can call or answer so that case.

? ? ? Accepting after inviting, do not want to alter at will. In case encounter have to special situation to cannot be attended, especially advocate guest, should explain to host as early as possible, apology, express apology from call at sb's house in person even.

? ? ? Before attending an activity on invitation, want to check the host of fete, the time ground that the activity holds is nodded, whether to invite a spouse, and the host requirement to dress. Mobile a long time should notice especially, lest walk along wrong place, or host did not ask a spouse however in pairs is attended.

? ? ? Master attend time to attend fete activity, arrive at time sooner or later, linger time length, pair of master esteem are mirrorred on certain level. Answer to master according to the habit of mobile property and place. Be late, leave early, linger time is too short be regarded as discourteous or intended desolate. The capacity is high person can arrive late slightly, general guest appropriate slightly early arrive, advocate say good-bye in succession again after guest leave a meeting or banquet. Attend a banquet, according to each district habit, on schedul or evening are arrived at 9 minutes; on schedul of our country criterion or ahead of schedule 2, 3 minutes or arrive by master requirement. Attend bender, can arrive inside the time that makes clear on invitation. Really occupied need to shift to an earlier date leave a meeting or banquet, after answering to explain to host, leave stealthily. Also but beforehand greets sb, leave banquet at the appointed time.

? ? ? Arrive at arrive at fete place, take off next coats and cap to cloakroom first, head for host to greet guest to be in next, say hello to actively to host. So the section celebrates an activity, should express congratulation.

? ? ? Give a flower to attend his National Day to wish an activity, can concern by local habit and two countries, give bouquet or a basket of flowers. Attend domestic banquet, but take into consideration the circumstances gives a few flowers to goodwife.

? ? ? Into attend fete activity on invitation, should comply with master arrangement. So banquet, before entering banqueting hall, the desk that understands oneself first second with the seat, enter when the name that notices the seat on the desk gets stuck to whether writing his, not optional chaos sits. If neighbour is elder or woman, answer to assist them actively to sit down first.
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