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The term of commonly used English that concerns with the Olympic Games reachs a
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? ? ? ? Olympic Games Olympic Games

Olympic Trial of Olympic Games trials

International Olympic Committee of international Olympic committee

The Olympic Games is met song Olympic Anthem

Olympic Torch of Olympic Games torch

Olympic Delegation of Olympic Games delegacy

Olympic Village of Olympic Games village

Organizing committee Organization Committee

Opening ceremony Opening Ceremony

Closure Closing Ceremony

Mascot Mascot

? ? ? Prize-giving stage Podium

? ? ? Application city The Bidding Cities

? ? ? The Candidate Cities of Hou Xuancheng city

? ? ? Apply 2008 Olympic Games Bid For 2008 Olympics

? ? ? Beijing abstruse explain appoint Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bidding Committee (BOBICO)

? ? ? Sponsor 2008 Olympic Games Host The 2008 Olympic Games

? ? ? Olympic spirit The Olympic Ideals; The Olympic Spirit

? ? ? The International Olympic Day of world Olympic day

Next, we enhance the understanding to the Olympic Games through a few sentences.

The International Olympic Committee Constituted Itself On 23rd June 1894. International Olympic committee held water on June 23, 1894.

The Olympic Symbol, the Five Interlocking Rings, represents The Union Of The Five Continents And The Meeting Of The Athletes Of The World At The Olympic Games. The mark of Olympic is 5 conjoint cirque, the solidarity that it is representing 5 continent and whole world athlete are in the Olympic Games is photogenic get together.

The Official Languages Of The IOC Are French And English. The official language of international Olympic committee is French and English.

? ? ? The Olympic Flame Is A Symbol Reminiscent Of The Ancient Olympic Games. Fire of Olympic Games emperor is Olympic Games of people recall ancient time is indicative.

The Olympic Games Consist Of The Games Of The Olympiad And The Olympic Winter Games. Both Take Place Every Four Years. The Olympic Games includes summertime Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games, they are every 4 years hold.

The Olympic Games Shall Be Proclaimed Open By The Head Of State Of The Host Country. The Olympic Games is announced to kick off by head of state of host country country.

The Delegation Parade In Alphabetical Order According To The Language Of The Host Country, except For Greece, which Leads The Parade, and For The Host Country Which Brings Up The Rear. Delegacy presses the alphabetical order of character of host country language to enter. Greek with host country exception, greek delegacy enters the first times, host country delegacy is the last enter.

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