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The interpreter principle of Chinese address and company
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? ? ? The permutation of Chinese address is orderly by arrive greatly small, be like: X country X saves date of X of road of X of area of X city X, and English address criterion just contrary, be by small arrive big. As above exemple writes Cheng Yingwen is: X date, x road, x area, x city, x province, x country. Mastered this principle, it is much easier that the interpreter rises!

X of   of Room of X room  

No of X date   . X

X of   of X unit Unit

Building No of X date building. X

Street of   of X of X street  

Road of   of X of X road  

  of X of X area   District

County of   of X of X county  

X presses down Town of   X  

City of   of X of X city  

  of X of X province   Province

Interpreter person name, grade name, street name, had better use phoneticize:

Demonstrative new residential quarter of treasure mountain area 37 403 rooms

Room 403, no. 37, shifan Residential Quarter, baoshan District

The road austral rainbow mouth Ou Xikang 125 lane 34 201 rooms

Room 201, no. 34, lane 125, xikang Road(South) , hongkou District

Companies of 81 272 date spy steel Li Youcai

Li Youcai

Special Steel Corp.

No. 272, bayi Road, nanyang City

Henan Prov. China 473000

City of 528400 Guangdong Zhongshan east Ou Hengda garden 7 702 Li Youcai

Li Youcai

Room 702, 7th Building

Hengda Garden, east District

Zhongshan, china 528400

City of Qingdao of 266042 Shandong province opens calm way 53 countries cotton 4 factories 2 dormitories a building 2 unit 204 armour Li Youcai

Mr. Li Youcai

NO. 204, a, building NO. 1

The 2nd Dormitory Of The NO. 4 State-owned Textile Factory

53Kaiping Road, qingdao, shandong, china 266042

Will introduce the interpret law of the company below:

1.Line(s) (ship, aviation, shipping) company

Atlantic container of Atlantic Container Line is marine company

Hawaiian airline of Hawaiian Air Lines

2.Agency company, representative goes

Firm of ad of Austin of The Austin Advertising Agency

China Ocean Shipping Agency is medium company of foreign annulus representative

3.Store(s) department store

Department store of macrocosm of Great Universal Store (flower)

Tesco Stores (Holdings) Tansike department store (flower)

4.Associates (jointly) company

Nucleon of England of British Nuclear Associates combines a company

Subsea Equipment Associates Ltd. Marine equipment combines limited company (flower, law, beauty is joint)

5.System (broadcast, aviation) company

Mutual Broadcasting Corporation of Mutual Broadcasting System (beautiful)

Malaysian Airline System Bhd. Malaysia airline

6.Office company, much with Head, home, the word use consecutively such as Branch

Branch of Guangzhou of limited company of China of 3M China Limited Guangzhou Branch Office 3M
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