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Name of dish of Chinese meal of business affairs intercourse translates skill
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Move toward internationalization increasingly as our country, meal course of study also is faced with trend world this problem. Accordingly, regard meal as course of study from personnel of course of study, understand more or less to concerned the professional English of meal respect, it is very necessary.
Meal major English basically includes menu of diction of technology of diction of word of day regular meeting, cooking and Chinese meal English to wait a moment, and this is used most generally with menu of Chinese meal English especially among them. Want to translate Chinese meal menu Cheng Yingwen, form with respect to what must understand name of Chinese meal dish first reach name a method. Name of Chinese meal dish normally by raw material name, the lubricious fragrance form that cooks method, dish implement, the author of dish or birthplace form. Of content of dish of this kind of report and characteristic name a method to be called realistically sexual nomenclature, the enjoyable sex nomenclature that still has meaning of reflective dish profundity in addition.

Because the difference of Chinese and English is very big, we are in a Chinese meal dish when the name becomes English by Chinese interpret, should use realistically sexual nomenclature, as far as possible the raw material dish, flavour that cooks method, dish wait for an interpreter to come out, let guest be clear at a glance. formula of the following " " (is Chinese and English contrast) the introduction is as follows, consult in order to offer everybody.

One, with advocate the interpreter method of makings begin

1, introduce dish advocate expect and complementary makings:

Formulary: Advocate expect (appearance) (With) complementary makings

Exemple: Almond chicken fourth Chicken Cubes With Almond

Beef With Bean Curd of beef bean curd

Tomato fries egg Scrambled Egg With Tomato

2, introduce dish advocate makings and flavour juice:

Formulary: Advocate expect (appearance) (With, in) flavour juice

Exemple: Duck Webs With Mustard Sauce of mustard duck palm

Chicken In Scallion Oil of green oily chicken

Rice wine fish coils Fish Rolls With Rice Wine

2, in order to cook the interpreter method of methodological begin

1, the boil law that introduces dish and advocate makings:

Formulary: Boil law advocate expect (appearance)

Exemple: Soft-fried Pork Fillet of soft blast tenderloin

Roast Suckling Pig of the porket that bake

Fry eel piece Stir-fried Eel Slices

2, the boil law that introduces dish and advocate makings, complementary makings

Formulary: Boil law advocate expect (appearance) (With) complementary makings

Young ginger carbonado Braised Chicken Fillet With Tender Ginger

3, the boil law that introduces dish, advocate makings and flavour juice:
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