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Translate small doohickey: What the number in English writes is regular
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In Chinese-English written translation and English writing, classics regular meeting encounters a number; What situation shows with the word, what situation shows with the arabic numerals, often let a person decide hard, this kind of problem seldom also is involved in active language calligraphy.

Actually, it is the country of mother tongue with English, already formed the regulation of a few established by usage when writing a number, show summary to offer reader reference as follows.

One. The press of the country such as flower beauty abides by a principle when composing, namely 1 to 10 express with the word, the amount of 10 above uses an arabic numerals (also some with 100 for bounds) , this principle is worth us to draw lessons from.

Eg. That Table Measures Ten Feet By Five.

That workbench is 10 feet long, 5 feet wide.

Eg. The Traditional Pattern Of Classroom Experience At The College Level Brings The Professor And A Group Of 20 To 30 Students Together For A 45-to-50-minute Class Session Two Or Three Times A Week.

The traditional education pattern of university classroom is, a professor and 229 students meet 3 times two every week, award class time every time 45 to 50 minutes.

2. The number expresses to appear more concise and clear with the arabic numerals, but indeterminate amount, approximation expresses with the word more appropriate.

Eg. There Are 203817 Voters On The Electoral Rolls.

There are 203817 voters on election list.

Eg. Nearly Thirty Thousand Voters Took Part In This Election.

Nearly 30 thousand voter attended this election.

3. Encounter the date, per cent, special number that takes an unit, use an arabic numerals normally.

Eg. Maximum Swivel Of Table Is L20.

The biggest corner coming back of workbench is spent is 120 degrees.

Eg. 3rd March L991 or 3 March L991;

A Discount Of 5 Percent (the discount of 5% ) ;

Eg. Purchased 7 Yards Of Carpet (buy 7 carpet) ;

Eg. Ordered 2 Pounds Of Minced Steak (order 2 pounds meat stuffing)

If involve amount and unit are errant number, usable word expresses.

Eg. About Five Miles Per Hour (horary about 5 miles)

Eg. At Least Ten Yards Away (have 10 at least the code is far)

Eg. Hesitated For A Moment Or Two (hesitated a short while)
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