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All sorts of " always " the interpret law of the word: President, chief engineer
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Regular meeting of the classics in the post appears " always " this word, for instance, general manager, total stylist, chief editor waits, in Chinese " always " the word solved a problem, can do not have in Dan Zaiying article so simple, differ in expression " always " when the post, this " always " the English of word correspondence also can differ somewhat, 3 groups of example offer reader reference under.

1, use Chief or - In-chief

Chief Accountant total accountant

Chief Architect total architect

Chief Designer total stylist

Chief Editor; Editor-in-Chief editor in chief

Chief Engineer; Engineer-in-Chief chief engineer

Director of general affairs of Chief Of General Affairs

Chief of the general staff of Chief Of The General Staff

Commander-in-Chief commander-in-chief

2, use General or - General

General Accountant total accountant

General Agent total agent

General Consul consul general

General Designer total stylist

Total dispatcher of General Dispatch Officer

General Manager general manager

General Secretary; Secretary-General secretary-general; Total a secretary in charge of sth

Administrator of general affairs of General Store Supervisor

Auditor-General total check

Consul-General consul general

Director-General total a secretary in charge of sth

3, will express with technical term

Chairman; President president

Controller chief inspector; Manager

General affairs of Dean Of General Affairs is long

Governor governor

Head Clerk manager (businessman)

President president

Prime Minister; Premier Premier

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