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The culture analysis of foreign word reachs English interpreter means
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English is current the most extensive language is used on the world, what interact external as our country is increasingly frequent, the foreign word that comes from English (loan-word) increasingly grow in quantity, undertake the new period of reforming and opening in China especially, the communication of the mutiple level, much channel of culture of China and foreign countries is a term use offerred a variety of conditions. China joins WTO successfully, also made more English vocabularies enter our life. Speech of United States of no less than's famous place of linguist Sapi Er: "The influence with a kind of the simplest to another kind of language language is the ' leasehold ' of the word. As long as literate leasehold, also borrow concerned word possibly. "In Chinese from English borrowed the child that a large number of new terms are this kind of culture communication and confluence. Accordingly, the square field surface that we can communicate from culture of the peek in loan-word, use means to disentomb through the term deposit is inside the depth in structure of psychology of a nation accumulate. New period results from English loan-word involves what respect, if why settle down in the " in Chinese,they are of " , appeared again what new borrow form, why do traditional to our nation idea and culture psychology have these foreign words to affect? These are the content that article place should discuss.

One, come from the content that foreign word place involves English

The English that Chinese place absorbs is ab extra the word is to follow the term closely related daily life more very. Modern life rhythm is accelerated, new thing, new product is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, these is in of foreign word absorb on can get apparent report. Be like:

Dietary respect: Green food (Green Food) , Kendeji (Kentucky) , Mcdonald's (McDonald's) , buffet (former times of Buffet) , grandma (Milkshake) , hot dog (Hot Dog) , cheese (Cheese) , system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan (fish of Toast) , 3 article (Salmon) , pilchard (Sardine) , deserve to manage (Paste) , on the west cold.

Wearing a respect: The jeans (Jeans) , miniskirt (Miniskirt) , bikini (jacket of Bikini) , sports (Bi-swing) . Respect of every day object: Invisible glasses (Contact Lenses) , shampoo (Shampoo) , Ximengsai (Shermons) , dried meat gram (Locquer) , mosaic (Mosaic) , teflon (Teflon) . Vehicle respect: Turbine train (Turbotrain) , airbus (Airbus) , ATV (air-terrain Vehicle can travel the complete landform car at all sorts of landform) wait.

Still have sauna in addition (bath of Sauna) , sun (Suntan) , person much store (Store) , supermarket (elder brother of village of children of Supermarket) , SOS, Wei (Viagra) , AIDS (AIDS) is waited a moment, also with modern life closely related.
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