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English translates little skill: Text turns over interpret more natural
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In interpret of English-Chinese each other, turn over text interpret to be able to make translation appears more natural and fluent sometimes, the article aims to pass a few specific example to explain this translates skill, in order to offer English learner reference.

For example: Students Are Still Arriving.

Translation: Students still are coming.

Differentiate by accident: The verb of Chinese changes without configuration, wait without tense, voice, mood so. All these Chinese are conveyed with lexical method, be like: " " , " already " , " is worn " , this causes another problem, namely translation is formalist, for instance, when always undertaking, be in with " " expresses, sometimes translation is met curt at odds, this former interpret is such, if add a few words, interpret still is in ground of land add add to come into " students " a little better, but still insufficient nature. The interpreter worker that has experience knows, if from the front the interpreter feels at odds if, con have sth in mind, namely conversely interpret (if be sure interpret is,deny, or negative interpret is affirmation) , meet occasionally having sth new. For example this one OK interpret is: The student has not arrived neat.

Again for instance, a team has not won a match since hold water, english can say The Team Is Yet To Win A Game commonly.

This wants apparently more than saying The Team Hasn't Yet Won A Single Game or mild and indirect of The Team Has Lost All The Games It Has Played are gotten, the meaning is " may win " next time, this left a bit face to pushball team.

Have sth in mind of a few con is below, will affirm an interpret to become negative sentence example, these translation want apparently more than getting from openly interpret nature:

1.The Old Man Lay Awake Almost The Whole Night. The old person did not add up to an eye overnight almost.

2.The Teacher Really Has An Open Mind. The teacher is unbiased really.

3.He Is Strange To Compliment. He does not love to listen to fair words.

4.I'll See You Dead Before I Accept Your Term. The ghost that sees you goes, I just won't accept your condition.

5.Only That I Know You Might Be Wanted, I Should Detain You A Little Longer. If it were not for knows somebody can look for you, I can leave you to stay a little while more. (civil / Chen Dezhang)

(Ma Xisheng of reporter of institute of culture of language of foreign country of Hua Na Normal University offers draft)

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