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Wonton dumpling uses calm English name at the beginning of 2753 Chinese dish Chi
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Recently, " Chinese dish name English interpret law " discussion draft is formal announce external by Beijing tourism bureau, this draft is preliminary and affirmatory the English interpret law of 2753 menu and wine water, ask for citizen proposal. Protean Chinese dish name lets be in China " foreigner " the injury appeared brains, ever had restaurant assume sth as a matter of course the ground " spring chicken " interpret is " still do not have a genderThe lifechicken " , " large meatball of braise in soy sauce " become " burn red large meatball " , went out manyJest. Since last year March, do outside Beijing, the normative job that the relevant unit such as Beijing tourism bureau begins to begin law of interpret of Chinese menu English. After combining expert of university travel institute and advisory examine and verify through Beijing, formed newest " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " discussion draft.

2753 Chinese dish had English name

"Chinese dish name is a very complex part in our culture, we must communicate a basic meaning to foreign guest with the English of accident moderate. " assistant dean Feng Dongming says the institute of travel of Beijing combination university that chairs job of discussion draft formulate.

How should be the Chinese dish name with various items translated? In discussion draft, be aimed at name of 2753 kinds of dish, experts undertook be arranginged relatively.

It is Chinese dish above all in with advocate the dish name of makings begin returns it is a kind, for instance " white clever mushroom buckles duck palm " use dawdle and duck foot directly, join with conjunction among, and picture " put Mei Liang melon on the ice " criterion dish medium main burden balsam pear and Yang Mei juice are translated directly, also use conjunction join.

Next, name of dish of a few China in order to cook methodological begin, and these cook a method not to exist in abroad, stew for instance, saute, braise, water is boiled etc. These dish names basically use the corresponding verb that cooks a method, use plus dish advocate makings will express. For instance " pachyrhizus carbonado " use " the diced meat that be mixed by know sth thoroughly pachyrhizus " (Stewed Diced Pork And Sweet Potatoes) will express, "Water boils a fish " translate for " the slices of fish meat in hot hot oil " (Fish Filets In Hot Chili Oil) .

The 3rd kind is the dish name with mouthfeel begin, this kind dish criterion in order to introduce dish appearance or mouthfeel and advocate burden is a principle, undertake reasonable imagination. For instance " crackling chicken " the interpreter is " fragile chicken " (Crispy Chicken) .

Last kinds are the dish that names with person name or place name, this kind is added with the phoneticize of the author of dish or birthplace directly advocate makings will express. For instance hemp mother-in-law bean curd direct with " hemp mother-in-law " and " bean curd " Chinese Phonetic Alphabet combines Cheng Yingwen dish name MapoTofu, "Guangdong mug-up " use Guangdong place name to add English word mug-up to express.
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