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" Lu Ding is written down " flower interpret informal discussion
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Min De (John Minford) flower interpret " Lu Ding is written down " , from begin compose to think of Oxford editionThe Deer&copy of The Cauldron came out 1997 [1] , close already 10 years. My individual translates grand occasion to this, care essentially all the time. What the reason has dilatancy is necessary.

Above all, this is concerned with my profession. 20 years before I returned the institute austral Hong Kong mountain to serve 1994, teach in the United States book. The Chinese literature course that opens, outside the course that divides an academy, other teaching material all is flower interpret. Every semester opens book list for the student, hurt appear brains. Will choose " the name is worn " , do not have flower interpret certainly. 2 although have translation,come, not certain Qing Dynasty connects the character reliable.

But more those who have a headache is, although all work that we consider as a move have flower interpret, foreign student also not likely is met benefit from. Interpret makes accept of Zhan of full-length England scholar (W. J. F. Jenner) passes with respect to sigh with regret, the position of Lu Xun and work, saying to Chinese student is one and the same, take do not know to have Chinese foreign student looks, it is other one thing. [Of 2] Chinese diaphragmatic, it is a reason. Do not say other, < Kong Yi oneself > medium Kong Yi oneself, the name concerns with respect to the historical culture that has countless ties, be not an interpreter to be able to be solved.

Want the Chinese literature work that foreign reader sees go down, besides literal element, tell content even. Administrative levels is a bit higher say, read these is full of " exotic emotional appeal " work, can increase them to be oppositeLifeunderstanding? Common said, these work, read will do not cross satisfy a craving? Say these words, really disappointing, also break academic dignity. But place in the fact before, actual however nevertheless. Today's student, all without exception with " client " identity pose as. Chinese literature is the mandatory division of student of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, what should the teacher teach, what to read aloud.

Department student does not have this limitation outside. They will attend class, reason nothing more than two kinds. It is for contented and curious desire. This kind of student, to affection sacrosanctity, because this is rare. If the school with " profit and loss " business eye makes criterion, a class should have ability of 10 students take as an elective course to open the word of the class the least, that does a teacher, cannot regard this kind of student absolutely " main customer " , because they can be encountered,cannot beg.

More reliable, it is those come for collect credit outside department student. Average college to accord with " connect knowledge education " tenet, stipulate all students are mandatory the class of a certain number of person liberal art. Chinese literature as it happens is a of humanities.
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