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How is the difference of Sino-British culture made up for in oral interpretation
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As a result of different people located zoology, material, society reachs the environment such as religion to differ, culture of the language habit that consequently respective language environment came into being to differ, society, local customs waits all words condition elements a moment. Different culture setting causes people conversation means or the habit is endless also and same. Accordingly, in communication, the talking means that people always likes to use his will explain the speech of the other side, this is likely make inaccurate inference to the speech of the other side, produce conflict and obstacle thereby.

Oral interpretation dragoman should notice these difference especially between the interpreter, if translate undeserved meeting,produce a few needless misunderstanding. Dragoman should take on the action of good bridge. We see the Sino-British culture difference of diction of guest of a few ceremonies and interpret law below:

One, greeting

The complimentary language of every country is different, for instance: Square host receives foreign visitor to be able to say in the airport in some: "Welcome, worked hard all the way. "We cannot metaphrase is: Welcome. You Must Be Tired All The Way? InEnglishThinking customarily, it is right the person that tired allows should show the word of care and not be the greeting that greet sb all over the face. By English the habit can say so: You've Had A Long Trip. Or Did You Have A Long Flight?

Chinese still has such compliment: "Your age is so old, the body is so healthy still. "Say English country is used to without similar expression. In their culture, people abstains from say age of the other side is old directly. Cannot interpret becomes: You Are Old But Still Look So Healthy. Such not only the meaning that cares a greeting without a bit, make people thinks you disrelish him to often do not die however. This can give others displeased. Can such interpret: You Look Great. Or You Look Wonderful. Be in riperFriendCan say between: Your Health Is Good.

2, appellation

On written words address, to Dear Governor... or Dear Minister... on the appellation with this kind of higher capacity, normally not interpret is " of minister of dear of " of " dear governor, " the " that this Dear habit respects with " .

"Ladies, gentlemen, friends " Chinese sounds very natural, in habit of Dan Zaiying language, "" just is in friends normally ladies before gentlemen:

Dear Friends,

Ladies And Gentlemen

3, intercourse polite formula

Intercourse polite formula should accord with habitual use to just appear nature, decent, civilized, sound otherwise let a person feel curt, cloddish, can cause misunderstanding even. The interpret law that a few typical polite formula lift below is exemple:

1, look around or the circumstance such as the talk, the honest person in often hearing says " carries precious opinion more please. "If metaphrase is: Please Give Us Your Valuable Comments. The issue came: Your opinion should be Valuable, not precious opinion avoids honour mouth please. Right interpret way is: Please Give Us Your Comments. Or We Welcome Your Comments.
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