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How does oral interpretation take notes to do?
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Oral interpretation depended on successfully greatly dragoman is right before oral interpretation is conveyed the ability that perceptive information undertakes recording. Record cent is " the head is written down " and " note " two kinds.
The memory of person head by short-term memory and long-term memory two parts are comprised. Just as its name implies, short-term memory is a kind of temporary memory that operates a gender, long-term memory belongs to a kind to store permanent memory of the gender. The element that affects one individual short-term memory is very much, among them the meaning sex that the mainest factor is memorial content. Even if is when the information that should feel is significant, the person's short-term memory can accommodate the sentence that comprises by more than 20 words only, or the number of a group of 10 digit. Accordingly, to oral interpretation worker, the memorial capacity that depends on person head completely is dangerous, write down note to appear very important.
In the process of oral interpretation, translator can encounter the difficulty on a lot of message bear, for example: Message overmuch, message is concentrated (several paratactic message) , message is mixed and disorderly, or it is message unfamiliar (word of exactly the amount or proper-noun) . Make can understand the content of message completely already, cannot communicate message thoroughly likely also come out. At that time, we need the assistance of a few auxiliary tools, this is oral interpretation note.
The function that oral interpretation takes notes is: The first, the action that has auxiliary short-term memory, avoid to forget leakage to break. The 2nd, the crisscross that passes through image, layout and symbol is applied, note is had language paragraph logistic analysis and saved function, can arrange the paragraph of discourse be clear about and save period of time.
Note is oral interpretation message is arranged with saved tool, what is the content that note must understand after all first when applying this tool. Had mentioned in cut exercise, the necessary message that builds new framework is 5W1H " 6 why " (He Ren, why thing, when, He De, why content, how) . Plus, number and proper-noun are.
It is besides message content, what master further even is the relation between message content.
Message relation content explains the method is applied
The order of paragraph shows discourse or arrange a watch of language meaning to show
Logistic relation congratulation, thank-you speech, welcome, impressions applies note symbol to express
The degree that loses by force conveys the got-up word such as adverbial modifier, be like " very " , " a few " , " often " , " on occasion " wait to use 1-2 in top right corner - ! ? Etc express
Metabolic case is elevatory, reduce, fluctuant, revulsion applies → of ↑ of ↘ of < > ↗ to wait express

One, the note with the time the style of translation that do a mouth
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