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The proverbial coincidence in interpret of English-Chinese each other (1)
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The proverbial coincidence in interpret of English-Chinese each other (1)

CorrespondingEnglish And Chinese Proverbs And Phrases (1)

1.After Meat, mustard; After Death, doctor.
Pluvial evacuation umbrella

Explanation: This Describes A Situation Where Assistance Or Comfort Is GivenWhen It Is Too Late.

Example: Just As I Had Cancelled My Application To Go Abroad, I Had APromise Of Money For My Fare. It Was A Case Of After Death, the Doctor.

2.After Praising The Wine They Sell Us Vinegar.
Try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be

Explanation: To Offer To Give Or Sell Something That Is Inferior To What YouClaim It To Be.

Example: That Fellow Completely Misled Us About What He Was Capable OfDoing. After Praising The Wine, he Sold Us Vinegar.

3.All Is Over But The Shouting.
General trends already went

Explanation: Finally Decided Or Won; Brought To The End; Not Able To BeChanged.

Example: After Bill’s Touch Down, the Game Is All Over But Shouting.

4.All Lay Load On The Willing Horse.
Person be apt to by person bully, ma Shan is ridden

Explanation: A Willing Horse Is Someone Who Is Always Doing Things ForOthers. Very Often The Implication Is That Others Impose On Him.

Examples: The Trouble Is You're Too Good-natured And People Take AdvantageOf It. All Lay Load On The Willing Horse. You Will Have To Learn To RefusePeople Who Ask Too Much.

5.anger And Haste Hinder Good Counsel.
Small cannot bear seek greatly in disorder

Explanation: One Can Not Act Wisely When One Is Angry Or In A Hurry.

Example: You Should Calm Down Before You Decide The Next Move. Anger AndHaste Hinder Good Counsel.

6.As Poor As A Church Mouse
In utter destitution

Explanation: To Be Exceedingly Poor, having Barely To Live Upon.

Example: He Has A Large Family, and Is Poor As A Church Mouse.

Note: A Church Is One Of The Few Buildings That Contain No Food.

7.A Word Spoken Is Past Recalling.
One character goes out already, what has been cannot be withdrawn

Explanation: The Harm Done By A Careless Word Can Not Easily Undo.

Example: For The Rest Of His Life He Regretted What He Had Said, but A WordSpoken Is Past Recalling And He Knew He Could Never Repair The Damage OfThat Moment Of Harshness.

NOW, TRY YOUR HAND ON THE FOLLOWING: Dainty of ǜ  beanstalk stops Zheng of difficult Lu of adept of brigade of arsine of  of  allow center

Love Is Blind. Beauty Is A Matter Of Individual Taste And Judgment. This Is Often Used Of APerson Whose Judgment Is Affected By Love Or Infatuation.

Better To Die In Glory Than Live In Dishonor. If One Has The Choice Between Living In Shame And Degradation And Dying InGlory, it Is Better To Die.

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together. People Who Are Alike Often Become Friend Or Are Together: If You Are OftenWith Certain People, you May Be Their Friends Or Like Them.
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