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Examination room regulation
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One, written translation exam and oral interpretation are integrated ability shifts to an earlier date 15 minutes, oral interpretation solid Wu shifts to an earlier date 30 minutes to enter examination room by standard textual criticism and Id, check the number is entered, will standard textual criticism and Id are put in desktop top right corner, facilitating invigilate personnel is checked.

2, after written translation takes an exam to take an examination of 30 minutes, must not enter, take an examination of 30 minutes rear but hand in an examination paper; After oral interpretation takes an exam to take an examination of, must not enter, exam end is rear but hand in an examination paper.

3, the examinee that attends oral interpretation exam should cherish equipment of collection sound reproduction, undertake strictly operating according to operation specification of the regulation, if have factitious attaint, compensation of according to the set price.

4, pen of black, blue or ball-pen should be carried when examinee take an examination (subjective problem is used) ; 2B pencil, rubber and pencil sharpener (the card that fill besmear is used) . Attend 2, when course of solid Wu of 3 class written translation takes an exam portable paper quality flower (day, law) Chinese, Chinese-English (day, law) dictionary each one.

5, must not carry electronic dictionary, pager, mobile phone to enter examination room, already took examination room must dump, deposit with other article pointing to emplacement, must not take a seat, press the processing that violate discipline otherwise.

6, exam in the begining, personnel of take an examination must be in what calipers of examination paper or answering question paper, answering question decides above all locally accurate fill in (fill besmear) date of him place area, unit, full name, standard textual criticism and course code, but must not exceed bound line, must not do any mark; Press the processing that violate discipline otherwise.

7, the exam sets those who answer to card of beard use answering question is done, uniform use 2B pencil is done answer, pen of uniform use black, blue or ball-pen do other examination questions answer, did not do by the regulation answer handle by zero.

8, prohibit smoking inside examination room, prohibit whisper to each other, prohibit answer of peek other examination questions or commutative examination paper.

9, shift to an earlier date the personnel of take an examination of hand in an examination paper, must leave examination room, must not enter examination room again or stay around, make a racket.

10, after the exam ends a bell to ring, stop answering question instantly, put examination paper opposite on the desktop up, after classics invigilate personnel allows, just can leave examination room. Must not mix paper of card of examination paper, answering question, answering question draft punched tape gives examination room.

11, administration of obedient examination personnel, of the member that accept an invigilator supervise and check. Exam staff member, cogged to willfully make a trouble, abuse, minatory, retaliation or disobey exam stipulator, press concerned discipline and formulary processing.
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