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The interpreter is a kind of intricate creativity work
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? ? ? Translate Chinese into English, it is not merely simple " check the number is entered " process, flower translation also is not Chinese is textual " reprint " . Involve here adjust, comb, the complex treatment process such as Baconian, interpreter. This kind of interpreter is not the work with simple what, however one kind complex, the labor of creativity.
? ? ? We with " government and folk develop simultaneously, introduce pay equal attention to with output, of much channel, mutiple level, much azimuth, polymorphous type external culture communication pattern " the interpreter is exemple. This is the vogue of a kind of news of current and extraordinary popularity, the load one's writing with fancy phrases that its style feature is all sorts of adjectives (here shares 4 " much " ) , it seems that the adjective has been jumped over more more. Say honest, this kind of style of writing also should be not being advocated in Chinese, more undesirable in English. It is again, a so long " phrase " , call a person to say an out of breath, sound " a unit of length 2 feel with the injury do not wear brains " , become English more long. If just be opposite simply " much channel, mutiple level, various, polymorphous type " undertake literal is translated, so foreign reader is very fathomless.
? ? ? Actually, the interpreter of this sentence asks we apply the term that accords with English to convey a habit not only, and also should do on sentential structure some adjust. The interpreter's measure is such: It is manage clear thinking above all, form structure of a frame; Find corresponding desirable to convey means again next, add into specific details content again finally:
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