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The whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam of French oral
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? ? ? ? Be engaged in postulate of oral interpretation occupational is adept master working language, the culture that be proficient in differs two kinds, thinking and reaction are sharp, have extensive 100 divisions knowledge, clear, fluent language expression ability and good psychology bear ability, he understands even and abide by the ceremony that all sorts of circumstances interact and standard.
? ? ? The whole nation that human affairs ministry approves translates professional competence (level) the exam has authority in home, its content asks completely to design according to the profession, listen namely, differentiate, analysis, understanding, memory and expression. The exam covers the knowledge of of all kinds language that must master, the theme involves the square field surface such as diplomacy, politics, economy, culture, law, science and technology.
? ? ? Listen, point to the information that understands language expression, relevant number and nomenclature;
? ? Differentiate, the words condition that shows the basis is different and theme discern the special information content that interpret gives language expression, can you discern at the same time different speech person uses? Special speech, dialect, expression and gesticulation, information of accurate understanding language;
? ? ? Analysis, be opposite according to condition of speaking person portion, words and theme speaking content undertakes logistic inference and analysis;
? ? ? Understand, of understanding is not a language, however the intent of the information content that the language conveys and speaking person;
? ? ? Memory, the information after using note of have the aid of of short-term memory ability to will be handled stores systematically in cerebrum;
? ? ? Expression, the information that correct, accurate, clear, glibly will store is entered with interpret language try to convey. ? ? ? ? ? ?
Can tell foreign language and can be engaged in bilingual interpreter not to be named on the same day with. The whole nation that obtains approval of department of national occurrences in human life translates professional competence (level) exam attestation means you to have foreign language and Chinese not only language of primary spoken language conveys ability, more mean you to have the professional skill that participates in different language mass organizations and culture communication. You expect to be engaged in oral interpretation profession, you long to participate in the communication of each domain between different people and mass organizations, the whole nation translates professional competence (level) the exam will open this gate for you, help you realize this one dream.

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