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Shallow the doohickey that talks about job of Japanese oral interpretation
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? ? ? The last ten-day of a month will hold the whole nation the 2nd times to translate professional competence in May 2005 (level) Japanese takes an exam. Often translate worker as, I already was in interpreter domain hard cultivated a few years, be harvested somewhat and experience. I want to talk about the small doohickey of Japanese oral interpretation, take an exam in order to help oral interpretation of Japanese of preparation of extensive big candidate for an entrance examination.
? ? ? (one) do not be afraid of failure: Written translation of oral interpretation unlike can relapse deliberate, must give the decisive word. Additional, chinese with a vast territory, a lot of more dialectal, listen to not clear the other side more urgently what to tell more, so, first the youth of experience oral interpretation, do not be afraid of failure and setback, should not be afraid of the fleer of others more. Want to hold out a back. Want to be in consolidate one's position of oral interpretation group, can not forget a stage on one minute, below the stage 10 years of result.
? ? ? (2) have sound basic training: I have to be bordering on eccentric hobby. Take magnifier to read namely Chinese, Japanese dictionary. In these 10 years, some person card games are beguiling, and my criterion reads day, flower, Chinese financial dictionary. Reading a dictionary is my individual " mahjong " .
? ? ? (3) interest wants wide: On conference of international of the high polymer that holds recently, organic chemistry, I did oral interpretation job. This to me it is very big take exercise. Live in 21 centuries, we should master the basic knowledge of the domain such as protection of information, genetics, zoology. The place on put together is narrated, want to learn enterprising ceaselessly namely.
? ? ? (4) should apply neatly: I am carried out on oral interpretation arena old, exploration gives not to make the small doohickey of own get into trouble. In oral interpretation process, do not want a word the dead interpret of a word, want, a paragraph of a paragraph audition, judgement, integrated, interpreter.
? ? ? (5) should care politics: It is necessary that everything has annals to learn politics at the youth of advanced oral interpretation. Should read well? People's Daily? , ? World knowledge? .
? ? ? (6) decide a target: Run like marathon same, want before prep close behind a few players, sprint is cheered in last hour. When I am youthful, very the Japanese interpreter that admires countrywide tip, if Liu De has, the comrade such as 韞 of Wang Xiaoxian, Lin Li, they are the example that I learn all the time, my level to be close to them, paid energy of a few years.
? ? ? Contemporary youth is several times stronger in those days than us, can choose all sorts of opportunities to learn the 2nd foreign language, even the 3rd foreign language, we perhaps are about to be worn in those days " white only " cap. A word: Contemporary youth is happy, can be in the ocean of oral interpretation free travel.
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