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Oral interpretation expert talks about the whole nation to translate qualificat
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Professor Wang Yan talks about oral interpretation to take an exam: (diplomatic college professor, famous pass an interpreter together)
? ? ? ? Very much expert knows to be passed together, hand in pass it is difficult to have many, so our formulate outline when very difficult. Professional interpreter takes an exam for example 2 class, the requirement masters the English vocabulary of 8000 above, but above did not seal a top. What is 8000 above, does above arrive what level is different? Oneself should have language foundation, still have the intellectual structure that wants major besides. Tell from the vocabulary, e.g. professional industry vocabulary, occasionally the interpreter may not reach the designated position. This meaning is when using this vocabulary at ordinary times, but another meaning is in professional domain. For example a very simple word, empty Land, hear may saying is clearing, should translate into unused land in real-estate industry actually. In collecting, language word has run-of-mill vocabulary and terminology, the vocabulary that masters 8 class above did not seal a top, master the culture cultural background of English country even, occasionally the interpreter is not to turn over our itself, it is to turn over culture.
? If do not understand culture setting, the likelihood involves the adage of a country, common saying, or it is a paragraph of word that a country has a characteristic very much, can be not translated. Whether can be competent moreover all sorts of formal circumstance 3-5 minute pass interpret alternately, pass together still have an another standards. 6 class just are not a standard of foreign language major, passing 6 class to take an examination of the word that translates professional exam still also is more difficult. 6 class English is intellectual structure only much a content, do not represent through the foreign language 6 class exam can do an interpreter, the interpreter is a very huge system project, it is integrated ability reflect.
? The purpose of this exam should examine the ability of the audition understanding of examinee and information processing, especially flower in breaking up, still having audition is very important. The measure of oral interpretation is such: Audition, memory, conception and expression, 3 measure are built completely from the back on the first measure, if understand not, do not go out with respect to interpret. Tell from the interpreter's administrative levels, audition is to want 100% understand, ability remembers, cannot remember going out with respect to interpret, one annulus covers one annulus this, it is a whole intellectual structure. The ability that has audition understanding and information processing so is very important. Should examine oneself, master the English vocabulary that outline asks? Have the English audition that translates professional job place to need? Not be to say general ground listens probably, must of 100% understand. Accomplish very hard occasionally, include a professional interpreter, this involves the ability that handles a thing to the spot. But this also can be reflected when take an exam come out. Oral interpretation exam also divides oral interpretation integrated ability and oral interpretation solid Wu, include to pass the ability of interpret and simultaneous interpretation alternately, this can be reflected in 2 class outline come out. The main demand of the exam is namely among the exam the integrality of information processing, include a language to want a standard, can apply oral interpretation skill adroitly to come accurate finish, should say the demand is very high. From think at present will tell, must have 5 close: The language closes, knowledge closes, the technology closes, interpreter skill, psychology stabilizes an element, of course even the preparation of your vocabulary, it is your ability again. Do an interpreter not be particular about is connected, but should know somewhat. Because you do not know what to thing can appear in be being translated, of course the preparative work before interpret is met special land is important. But with respect to the exam character, all-embracing of politics, diplomacy, culture, law, so intellectual structure is very important. It is all sorts of skill that short-term is remembered and be remembered for a long time and translate again, remember ability for example, include savvy, analytic ability, the ability with Baconian, integrated summary, still having is mother tongue and foreign language the ability of bilingual expression.
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