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The word says French
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The 29th Olympic Games draws near, let the first official language that the Olympic committee says for me -- French.

Engels describes French to be like " the running water of brook Chan Chan " , french fictionist heart say " French is the the best beauty, clearest, firmest language on the world... " of course, our Chinese also is the world go up very beautiful, rich the language that develop, having more longer than French history.

A lot of countries on the world tell French. Reach its except French mainland outside abroad apanage, still have Belgian, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, america has Canadian Quebec province and new Bailunruike are province, Haitian, africa has the country of close half, all or the part uses French. According to concerning data, about 200 million person can tell this kind of language, among them 130 million person uses French everyday.

French also is the other such as alliance of U.N. , European Union, blame and international Olympic committee the formal job language that a few international organize. " Olympic charter " regulation of proclaimed in writing: "If the English of all files mixes Olympic charter and other of international Olympic committee originally,different meanings appears between law text, should be according to law text accurate, unless have specific written provision additionally. " the Olympic Games is held in illegal language country when, match gallice, English and sponsor mandarin character to announce. The first official language that the 28th Olympic Games that holds in Athens uses is French is a clear proof.

According to Beijing some signs up for a report, hold as the 29th Olympic Games more and more draw near, "France is in large-scaly first China all sorts of activities that hold promotion French " . Well-known, french government is transmission France language and culture all through the ages are do one's best. Before seventies, our country has a few a few foreign language schools and omnibus university to open French class only, annual college graduate amount is limited, and the whole nation has many 60 universities and colleges to establish French major nowadays, many 150 university opens course of French of the 2nd foreign language, reading a student to amount to thousands of person, don't this still include French alliance (Alliance Fran? Aise) the French that in China 10 cities establish grooms center and numerous French groom class. French alliance held annual meeting in Parisian headquarters last year, in China French alliance because " achievement is outstanding " and be commended. China translates professional competence (level) exam (CATTI) early already also labelled French exam language above all before a few years, examinee in an endless stream.
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